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ALL IN with Evan Jarvis: Andrew 'LuckyChewy' Lichtenberger

  • In this episode of ALL IN, Evan Jarvis dives into the mindset of Andrew 'LuckyChewy' Lichtenberger.

One of the most successful poker players of all-time, Andrew 'LuckyChewy' Lichtenberger joins Evan Jarvis on Episode Three of ALL IN.

From his early days on the Two Plus Two forums, to his big wins at the World Series of Poker & Alpha8, Lichtenberger discusses the keys to his poker success.

The two also look take a deep dive into his experiences as a “sitter” at Burning Man and the virtues of Chinese medicine. This mind-expanding conversation is full of insight and thoughtful reflections.

Show Time Stamps

0:15Evan introduces Andrew "LuckyChewy" Lichtenberger
5:45An overview of Andrew's poker career highlights
7:05How Andrew first found poker: "I was working at a bowling alley...and I'd see my boss playing partypoker on his computer."
9:30How Andrew transitioned into poker full-time: "I actually lost for the first 18 months I played poker online...I was no good when I started."
11:00Andrew on Doyle Brunson's "Super System": "My parents got me 'Super System.' And I thought, 'oh ok, this guy is just mashing people with his draws.'"
11:41Books that inspired him to think differently about poker: "There were three books that I read that inspired me to think differently about poker."
16:50Learning to relax after winning a bracelet: "It was amazing and I'm really grateful for that experience but I downswung a bit since then."
18:47What it felt like to be at the top of the game: "It feels great because you definitely have that sense of accomplishment, you feel like you've achieved something...but there is sort of a pressure that comes with it."
20:40Andrew's goals when he started out in poker: "I'll share these, they're not going to be what you think, but it's actually how they happened."
25:35Evan on how you can keep changing goals: "Having goals is really fantastic...but if at some point along the way you find a destination that is looking more attractive, it's okay to change the direction of your compass."
27:15Sponsor: Gripsed Poker Training
28:00Andrew on the "glory days" of online poker and offering training early on: "I just felt drawn to give back, I benefited from training videos when I first started."
33:10Bluff-catchers: "Sometimes the weaker bluff-catchers actually do better as bluff-catchers in some cases where they don't block the cards that the bluff combos of the opponent would contain."
34:05Andrew's run in the 2009 WSOP Main Event: "It was surreal on so many fronts."
38:15Andrew reflects on the sacrifice of social experiences for poker: "(It) set me up to be as successful as I've been...I can't look back with any sense of regret."
39:52Evan and Andrew tell the story of first meeting each other.
42:15The importance of embracing change: "I think change is one of few constants that exist in our universe."
45:15Creativity and nature: "We just have a profound connection to nature and there are certain vibrations that are ignited when you're in the presence of 500 or 1000-year old trees."
48:35The value of Chinese medicine: "I felt somewhat betrayed by Western medicine...I had all sorts of health problems growing up."
52:15Andrew's diet changes: "The first one, most people have heard of, it's just smoothies."
01:02:25On "Autobiography of a Yogi", an "ultimate gamechanger"
01:05:55The strategy of swapping pieces: "It's just a way to enhance that bridge of community and of connectivity."
01:08:16Andrew on balance and working with extremes: He once had 97% of himself swapped out in the Main Event!
01:15:55Andrew's favorite teachers: what three people would he choose to have a dinner party with?
01:18:14Andrew's reading diet: "I don't read as much as I'd like to, to be honest. But an hour or two a day, nothing super-substantial."
01:22:50Sponsor: 888 Poker (Use the promo code "ALLIN" when you make your first deposit)
01:23:40A new blog for Andrew and the writing process that goes with it
01:28:20Andrew's book, "The Yoga of Poker": "In a nutshell, it was just an inspiration to share with the community."
01:30:57The importance of vulnerability: "It's obviously a balancing can only be as vulnerable as you believe will be beneficial to you."
01:32:55Evan's thoughts on life coaching and podcasting: "I've been trying to find...what is the perfect fit?"
01:37:20Qigong and facing fear: "Whatever you're afraid of would be true about yourself if you faced whatever or did're always going to be better for it."
01:39:05Andrew's Alpha8 win: "There's a sort of ramping up...I'm ready to be ready to have that experience."
01:40:45Tips from Andrew's big year of scores: "I've always believed that when you have success in poker, your confidence in yourself is going to be you can ride that rush."
01:44:25Dealing with downswings after the World Series of Poker: "My focus was slightly diverted to having more fun, social experiences. In a sense, it's somewhat cyclical."
01:49:15Connecting with friends at a festival: "I got an invite to go to Oregon to watch the eclipse at a festival. It was a super-cool experience, it was a really interesting environment."
01:58:55Andrew's experience of being a "sitter" at Burning Man
02:04:42Using Burning Man as a catalyst for personal growth: "You're pushed so far outside of your element of being a regular, normal society member."
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02:06:49Advice for players who are beginning their poker career: "It's good to know what you want but you have to be open-minded to the way your journey is going to take you."
02:08:17Keys to longevity and consistency: "It doesn't do you any good to push yourself beyond your's much more beneficial to have other activities to do."
02:09:52Andrew's ingredients for a happy life: "Just being grateful, I strongly believe having an appreciation for everything that happens to you in life is extremely integral to growing as a person."
02:13:42Andrew looks at the best moments of his poker career.
02:15:42Comparing a friend's victory to your own: "We're always harder on ourselves than we are on other people. When I have success, it's like I've held myself to this standard...and it's almost like a weight is lifted."
02:17:47Staying present, slowing down, and "softening."

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