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True Gambling Stories #006: Betting Behind Bars – The Nevada State Prison Casino

  • EARBUDS IN & LISTEN: Betting Behind Bars – The story of the Nevada State Prison Casino.

Most people don't think of gambling in prison, but this is Nevada! In our sixth episode, True Gambling Stories offers the ins and outs of the history of the Nevada State Prison Casino. From sports betting to poker to craps, the prison allowed prisoners to wager and run the casino for 35 years. There are several other interesting notes about the prison that are included in this crazy tale.

The episode's guests include Sena Loyd, co-author of the book "Nevada State Prison." She offers plenty of interesting footnotes and insight into the facility. Casino memorabilia and chips expert Howard Herz also offers insight and has visited the prison. From crazy stories on executions to monster men to plenty of betting action behind bars, you won't wan to miss this one.

So put on those headphones, hit play, and enjoy.

Betting Behind Bars – The Nevada State Prison Casino Time Stamps

2:00Some History of Nevada
3:20Legalized Gambling
5:45Execution by Shooting Machine
7:30Movie stars & Monster Men
9:00Rehabilitation by Gambling
10:30The Bull Pen Casino
12:30Craps, Blackjack, Poker, and Even Sports Wagering
14:00A Night of Action
16:40Betting Sports
18:00Corruptive Elements & Outside Gamblers
20:30Riot & Closure
22:50Ode to the Bullpen
25:00Outro & Credits

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