PokerNews Podcast 507: Jeff Boski

  • LISTEN: We dive into the Triton Super High Roller Series, plus chat with Jeff Boski on the #PnPod!

It's another episode of the PokerNews Podcast! Sarah Herring and Jeff Platt break down all that is happening in the poker world, where the focus is once again on the Triton High Roller Series in South Korea.

Mikita Badziakouski notches his second consecutive Triton High Roller Series Main Event title, Sam Greenwood speaks out on the high roller circuit and Bryn Kenney discusses his "lone wolf" status.

Plus, Antonio Esfandiari and Kevin Hart have made a pretty ridiculous boxing bet, and Sarah and Jeff dive into the details.

And MGM Resorts International makes some moves in the sports betting world, which could benefit online poker in the long run.

Poker vlogger Jeff Boski joins the show. He chats with Sarah about his popular vlog, his dogs, and what he makes of the current poker scene.

This week's sponsor: Global Poker.

Show Time Stamps

0:10Intro: The Triton Super High Roller Series comes to a close
2:10Mikita Badziakouski Wins Back-to-Back Triton Main Events
6:10Sam Greenwood Speaks Out on the High Roller Scene
13:20Bryn Kenney: Poker's "Lone Wolf"
16:30Doyle & Todd Brunson Launch Poker Training Course
20:00Antonio Esfandiari and Kevin Hart Set Boxing Match Bet
24:10Poker vlogger Jeff Boski joins the show
25:10Taking dogs to the park, and somebody calling the cops on him. Here's the vlog episode
26:50Where the name "Boski" comes from
28:00Growing up in Michigan, and finding poker: "The home games were probably the most fun I've had...just getting together for drinks, smokes, having a good time, playing some low stakes."
29:00Playing more and more poker and being accused of having a gambling addiction: "I was winning so much, that's what separated it from being an addiction."
31:00The impact of Black Friday: "I got (a house) on April 1, then two weeks later..."
32:10Taking time away from Vegas to pursue online poker: "Options were Europe, Mexico, Canada, and all of them sucked. I just went to Vancouver."
33:40Transitioning back into live tournaments: "The transition was definitely tough. It was much slower...I just had to man up and start adjusting to live."
34:20How he started his poker vlog
35:10The story behind his YouTube thumbnails: "It's more of a troll than me being serious...they know what they're getting, they know my humor."
37:10Building a fan base: "It's been great...the exposure has more than paid for itself...People find my personality polarizing, which is good, I think."
39:00Has the poker community been receptive? "Absolutely. This summer at the Rio was pretty crazy, whenever I walked the halls and a random guy came up to me, I know exactly what they're going to say."
40:10His thoughts on Trooper: "I have a great barometer for the shady meter of people...I'm not afraid to speak up...This guy is the nut low. He's just a horrible person."
44:30Find Jeff's vlog on YouTube
46:50What it was like living in Vancouver: "I really enjoyed Vancouver, 100%, great city, great people, great dating scene. While I was multi-tabling, I'd be on, just meeting a new chick in Vancouver, so after my session I'd go on a date. Same thing the next day."
47:20Looking at all the dating apps
50:40Follow Jeff on Twitter
51:10MGM is making moves, setting the company up well for the future of sports betting, and potentially for online poker
56:30Next week: the founders of a blockchain charitable organization (Gaia) join the show
57:30Jeff's dog, Moose, barely wakes up from his nap to join the show

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