Top Pair Podcast 318: Splash Pots and What Kinda Chips You Got?

  • PODCAST: "Splash the pot" promotions aren't just for poker rooms. They're for home games, too!

  • LISTEN: What type of poker chips are best for the home game?

In episode 318 of the Top Pair Home Game Poker Podcast, Bruce Briggs and Robbie Strazynski recap another fun couple weeks of home games. They then go on to talk about “splash pot” poker room promotions and how they could perhaps be applied/modified to the home game scene.

Marking nine years of the podcast, the guys then refresh one of their favorite topics: what type of poker chips you can and should be using in your home games.

Finally, this episode’s One Outer will have you chuckling to a fun TJ Cloutier story.

Top Pair thanks their sponsors, J Design Cards, the Poker Notes Live mobile app, and online poker bonus for their support. Be sure to check ‘em out!

Show Time Stamps

1:20–26:32How Ya Runnin?
 Robbie: The streak continues with another two winning sessions. Detailing a heartbreaking hand, losing with second-nuts to the nuts, and discussing the importance of reviewing your own play to improve, even when you already have an advantage over your opponents.
 Bruce: Discussing “splash the pot” promotions in poker rooms and thinking of ways such an idea could be modified for implementation at home games. Also, prop bets during a home game: good for action or too distracting?
27:49–38:01 Congrats! You Made the Show! (Mailbag segment)
28:00Thanks to a listener, Joshua, who is all pumped and ready to listen to our previous episode (#317, with Daniel Negreanu) but started on episode #1 and is only halfway through!
30:40Listener Tim asks in an email whether it’s normal to deal with the deck of cards on the table or out of a shoe? He’s the host, but some of his players don’t want to hold the deck while dealing!
39:38-50:19Cards in the Air (Improving the home game experience)
40:12The type of poker chips you play with makes a tangible difference to the quality of the home game. Plastic chips, metal insert chips, custom-designed chips… they’re all on the table.
48:18Using rolls of coins and stacks of $1 bills in a cash game instead of chips.
50:28One Outer – Bruce recalls getting to hear a little more than he bargained for on a phone call from TJ Cloutier.

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