Planet Hollywood Phamous Poker Series GOLIATH Awards More Than $8 Million

Planet Hollywood Winners

The 50th Annual World Series of Poker (WSOP) captured most of the headlines this summer, but they were far from the only game in town. One of the more popular tournament series every summer is the Phamous Poker Series GOLIATH at Planet Hollywood.

The series is basically a lower-stakes alternative to WSOP bracelet events. This year, the series ran from May 28-July 11 and hosted 67 official events plus a lot more dailies and nightlies side tournaments. All told, the series catered to nearly 33,000 entrants and awarded almost $8 million in payouts.

"This event was anything but stressful. Players and staff had a wonderful time and this will become a GOLIATH tradition.”

One of the more unique tournaments on the schedule was Event #46: 4100 All In or Fold NLH/Omaha Hi, a first for the poker world. Just 37 entrants braved the new variant, and while it wasn’t a huge turnout, it was still a success as everyone had fun. That included Jason Simcisko, who emerged victorious.

“I was thinking something that would be fun, twisted, and that required as little skill as possible,” tournament director Chris Gawlik said of the unique tournament. “There are enough events going on around town that cause stress levels to go up. This event was anything but stressful. Players and staff had a wonderful time and this will become a GOLIATH tradition.”

Other notables to win events during the series were Xuan Liu (Event #66: $600 NLH Monster Stack for $20,000), Ruth Hall (Event #28: $300 Ladies for $7,687), and Mickey Doft (Event #36: $200 Razz for $6,837).

Jennifer Shahade Wins PokerNews Family of Podcasts Event

Jennifer Shahade
Jennifer Shahade

Another tournament low on entries – 33 to be exact for a $3,960 prize pool – but high on the fun was the PokerNews Family of Podcast $150 NLH. Among those to fire the tournament were PokerNews hosts Sarah Herring and [Removed:139], Evan Jarvis, and WSOP bracelet winner Rulah Divine, just to name a few.

In the end, PokerStars Mind Sports Ambassador Jennifer Shahade defeated Yori Epskamp in heads-up play to win a $1,782 top prize. Epskamp took home $1,188 for finishing runner-up, while Platt and Reyna Binkley finished in third and fourth for $594 and $396 respectively.

Farrell Claims Another Major Summer Title

The 2019 Phamous Poker Series GOLIATH culminated with a $1,700 buy-in Main Event, which surpassed its $1 million guarantee by attracting 744 entries. That generated a $1,136,088 prize pool paid out to the top 81 finishers.

Among those to cash the tournament were Martin Kozlov (12th - $17,223), William Givens (13th - $14,012), Vincent Li (27th - $6,909), Steve Karp (31st - $5,196), Matt Lapossie (42nd - $4,084), Viet Vo (65th - $3,074), Dylan Linde (70th - $3,074), Aaron Mermelstein (74th - $2,825), and Tim Vance (78th - $2,825).

The tournament ended with a deal that saw the top three players lock up more than $152K each. Ultimately, the UK’s Ben Farrell was crowned champion and secured a $162,400 payout. The win came just two weeks after Farrell won the Zynga Poker WPT500 for $155,000.

Phamous Poker Series Main Event Final Table Results

1Ben FarrellUnited Kingdom$162,400*
2Ignacio MolinaAndorra$154,700*
3Remi CastaignonFrance$152,881*
4David FhimaFrance$76,869
5Viliyan PetleshkovBulgaria$58,057
6Elliott PetermanUnited Kingdom$44,419
7Mike LiangUnited States$34,412
8Hlib KovtunovUkraine$26,992
9Mufit BrahimAustralia$21,432

Here’s a look at all those who won titles at Planet Hollywood this summer:

2019 Phamous Poker Series GOLIATH Results

EventTournamentBuy-InEntriesPrize PoolWinnerPrize
1Casino Employee$15077$9,394James Lemke$2,907
2Turbo Dealers Choice$15029$3,480Brandon Pastor$1,220
3The C Note$1001,723$129,225Charles Brister$12,152
4Weekly Seniors$30081$20,817Robert Mccormack$8,002
550K In a Day$260638$141,636Everton Taylor$21,266
6Short Deck$20080$13,200[Removed:321] Golestani/Cole Skye$3,250*
750K In a Day$260710$157,620David Feinstein/Howard Cornbleth/Jerod Smith/Jay Rogers$19,303*
8Tag Team$200234$19,539Faith Klimczak/Matthew Morin & John Connolly/Paul Moosavi$4,632*
9Quarter Milly$2503,167$655,569Klajdi Lika$60,884
10Quarter Milly$2502,494$516,258Paul Schuman$37,179
11Weekly Seniors$300154$39,578Antony Ringe$10,614
1250K In a Day$260302$67,044Justin Brezinski/Ronny Wheat/John Thai/Armando Del Pozo/Chengdong Xing/Kostas Kalathakis/Brian Jenson$6,660*
13NL 2-7 Single Draw Lowball$20063$10,395Steven Wardell$3,639
1450K In a Day$260297$65,934William Wong$14,884
15Eight Game Mix$20099$16,335Simon Pindisle$4,406
1650K In a Day$260360$79,920Kathleen Vranek$12,172
17Tag Team$200152$12,692Callum Hawker/Daniel Lowe$4,266
18Low Roller$140609$63,945Malik Lewis$9,975
19Bigger Than Yesterday Low Roller$160745$93,125David Karnafel$13,473
20200K GTD$3001,161$296,055Sang Leung$43,815
21Seniors$600505$263,610Mark Bramley$43,503
22Limit 2-7 Lowball Triple Draw$20078$12,870Hrair Danielyan$3,413
2350K In a Day$260285$63,270William Latta/Frank Kelly/Oscar Montalvo$9,000*
24PLO$500153$67,626James Lenaghan$18,849
2550K In a Day$260291$64,602Sayid Elharrak$8,296
26Tag Team$200102$8,517Melissa Flavin/Ray Flavin$3,750
27Ultimate Goliath Stack$600664$346,608Michael Lech/Rambo Halpern$36,441*
28Ladies$300221$56,797Ruth Hall$7,687
29200K GTD$3001,186$302,430Shaun Zammit$35,675
30PLO$1,100135$135,270Shaome Yang$37,801
31Mixed Omaha/8 7-Stud/8$200174$28,710Andrew Shanahan$4,350
32Weekly Seniors$300137$35,209Antony Ringe$9,789
33Ultimate Goliath Stack$400448$155,456Adriann Beukers$31,539
34Bounty OnlyN/A-No Prize Pool--
3550K In a Day$260355$78,810William Hall/Jesse Boettcher/Oscar Montalvo/Sean Delaney$10,800*
36Razz$200148$24,420Mickey Doft$6,837
3750K In a Day$260278$61,716Chris Dasilva/Tom Wojciechowski$12,863*
38Tag Team Switch$200212$17,702Bernadett Burgess/Shelly Griffith & Todd Skinner/Barbara Skinner$2,600*
39Big Bill Returns$100266$20,482Andrew Hixson/Peter Kelly$3,960
40PLO/8$600174$90,828Stephanie Chung$24,439
41DST with Bounties$130171$17,442Douglas Counze$1,260
42Survivor$1,10042$42,000Jesse Jones/Chris Strom/Chris Fulton/Nan Li/Michael Lydon$10,000
43TST$130165$16,830Christiane Chame$3,266
44All In or Fold$10058$4,350Parker Drew/Philippe Sigrist$1,322*
45NLH Big Bounty$1,100 w/ $500 bounty52$52,000Tobias Schwecht$9,750
46All In or Fold NLH/Omaha Hi$10037$2,775Jason Simcisko$565
47Weekly Seniors NLH$300121$31,097Alan Wentz$8,647
48$50K In a Day$260560$124,320Eric Householder$15,490
50Pot-Limit Omaha 8 of Better$1,10071$71,142Jan Kotrla$14,876
51NLH Bounty ($100 bounties)$300138$35,466Mikael Johansson$3,545
52$50K in a Day$260440$97,680Romildo Gomez$11,740
53Tag Team Switch$200214$17,869David Oppenheim & Andrew Smith$2,475
54NLH Survivor$200290$49,88029 winners$1,700 each
55NLH Turbo Survivor$100176$13,5528 winners$1,650 each
57$50K In a Day$260334$74,148Philip McCall & Michael Wexler$9,500
58Bounty Fireworks$240134$27,068Stuart Jordan$3,759
59Weekly Seniors$30094$24,158Paul Rigg$7,504
60$NLH Survivor$1,10092$92,18411 winners$9,625 each
61Seniors NLH$300129$33,153Luis Campelo$8,408
62NLH $200K GTD$300737$200,000Laura Moreno Sarmiento$31,098
63PLO Bounty$300142$36,494Paresh Doshi$6,247
64PLO Bounty$60079$41,238Greg Koutelidakis$9,513
65NLH $75K GTD$30036$10,800Patrick Brian$16,639
66NLH Monster Stack $100K GTD$600156$100,000Xuan Liu$20,000
67PLO 6-Handed $50K GTD$600117$61,074Sean Dunwoodie$16,839

Images courtesy of Planet Hollywood.

  • Here are all the tournament results from the summer's Phamous Poker Series GOLIATH at @PH_POKER.

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