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Overlay Alert: GGSOP MILLION$ Could Fall Short of $2m Guarantee

The $100 buy-in GGSOP MILLION$ needs close to 22,000 entires to make the guarantee. So far just 6,500 have entered

The GGSOP festival came with a whopping $6,500,000 guaranteed across its 54 events, with buy-ins ranging from $2.50 to $100! The festival draws to a close this weekend, but not before some of the most exciting tournaments of the festival crown their champions.

One tournament we think you should keep an eye out for is the GGSOP #53: $100 GGSOP MILLION$ which comes with a whopping $2,000,000 guaranteed for a $100 buy-in. The tournament needs close to 22,000 entries to reach its lofty guarantee and with just 17 flights remaining, it has attracted less than a third of that amount.

That's why PokerNews is here to give you all the key information you need in our newest series Overlay Alert!

Day 1 Structures

There are two different structures in the $100 GGSOP MILLION$, one with 15-minute levels and a Turbo structure with 6-minute levels. Players who enter either Day 1 will receive 10,000 chips with the blinds starting at 50/100.

Late registration is open for nine levels and each Day 1 finishes at the end of Level 15. Players may play as many Day 1s as they like, but only their largest stack will be carried forward to Day 2.

  • Flights Complete: 21
  • Flights in Progress: 1
  • Upcoming Flights: 17
  • Total Entries So Far: 6,544
  • Players Through to Day 2: 768
  • Guarantee: $2,000,000
  • Overlay: $1,397,952

Details correct at time of publication

Day 2 Structure

Day 2 of the $100 GGSOP MILLION$ gets underway on September 27th at 19:30 (BST). The levels in Day 2 are 15-minutes and play is eight-handed until the final table which is nine-handed.

Here are the top 10 chip stacks from the first 21 flights. As you can see, they all have in excess of 100 big blinds, and curiously come from ten different countries!

RankPlayerCountryChip CountBig Blinds
2SamuelHHong Kong293,456122.3
3fattyPUnited Kingdom290,901121.2

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You can win your way into the $2m GTD GGSOP MILLION$ for just $2 thanks to the Step Satellites. Earn a ticket to one of the several Mega Satellite where up to 50 GGSOP MILLION$ Seats are set to be won! Alternatively, enter a normal or Turbo satellite and win your way direct to this massive tournament.

Step Satellite$23 x $15 Mega Satellite Tickets
Satellite$5Up to 10 x $100 GGSOP MILLION$ Seats
Satellite$10Up to 25 x $100 GGSOP MILLION$ Seats
Turbo Satellite$10Up to 6 x $100 GGSOP MILLION$ Seats
Mega Satellite$15Up to 50 x $100 GGSOP MILLION$ Seats

Full GGSOP MILLION$ Schedule

DateTime (BST)Event
September 25th13:00GGSOP #53: $100 GGSOP MILLION$ Flight N
September 25th17:00GGSOP #53: $100 GGSOP MILLION$ Flight O
September 25th21:00GGSOP #53: $100 GGSOP MILLION$ Flight P
September 26th00:00GGSOP #53: $100 GGSOP MILLION$ Turbo Flight
September 26th03:00GGSOP #53: $100 GGSOP MILLION$ Turbo Flight
September 26th07:00GGSOP #53: $100 GGSOP MILLION$ Saturday Flight
September 26th10:00GGSOP #53: $100 GGSOP MILLION$ Saturday Flight
September 26th13:00GGSOP #53: $100 GGSOP MILLION$ Flight Q
September 26th17:00GGSOP #53: $100 GGSOP MILLION$ Flight R
September 26th21:00GGSOP #53: $100 GGSOP MILLION$ Flight S
September 27th00:00GGSOP #53: $100 GGSOP MILLION$ Turbo Flight
September 27th03:00GGSOP #53: $100 GGSOP MILLION$ Turbo Flight
September 27th07:00GGSOP #53: $100 GGSOP MILLION$ Sunday Flight
September 27th10:00GGSOP #53: $100 GGSOP MILLION$ Turbo Flight
September 27th12:30GGSOP #53: $100 GGSOP MILLION$ Flight T
September 27th14:30GGSOP #53: $100 GGSOP MILLION$ Flight U
September 27th16:30GGSOP #53: $100 GGSOP MILLION$ Last Chance

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  • The tournament needs close to 22,000 entires to make the guarantee. So far just 6,500 have entered...

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