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The Four Types of Players That 'Poker Ambition' is Here to Help

Poker Ambition

In this latest article, the team over at Poker Ambition have put together a piece showing you the importance of asking not just what to do in certain poker spots, but also why. They introduce a new way of looking at the game that will lead to the highest EV strategies. Check it out!

In general, there is a lack of understanding of how poker really works and how EV is generated.

The biggest problem for poker players is not understanding the “why”. Why does a solver play a certain strategy? Why does a population have a certain leak? Why does this play actually work?

The majority of poker content will tell you what to do, however, they forget to tell you why it works, meaning you will miss understanding the principles, the mechanics behind the game.

Additionally, this will result in you not understanding how to adapt to different circumstances, you won’t learn Poker at a deeper level. It all becomes too much for the mind, impossible to memorize and execute consistently at the tables.

Poker Ambition is Here to Help

You are not alone! We’ve been there, we know how to help you.

In our program 'The Mechanics of Poker' we will explain how Poker really works. Due to this way of teaching, this program is for everyone and for every game type: MTT, Cash Games, SnG’s, Live and Online.

No longer will you be stuck, leaving your EV to chance. Instead, you will change the way you approach poker, change your philosophy and your strategy. We will give you a new way of looking at the game by teaching you the mechanics that lead to highest EV strategies.

It is very important for us to highlight this: by teaching you the “why” and “how” of Poker, no longer will you be held hostage to the same strategy that can only be applied for a certain period of time or to a specific game type or in-game situation. This is knowledge applied anywhere and by everyone.

We will teach you to think about the right things in the right order, priority and structure for you to achieve higher EV. We went through the struggles you are going through and we know how to provide what you want.

Led by a Team of Industry Experts

This program was created with leading industry experts Rene "TheWakko" Kuhlman and Adam Carmichael.

Rene "TheWakko" Kuhlman

Rene Kuhlman

Rene Kuhlman is a high stakes poker player turned poker coach. It took him 8 years to get to high stakes poker, which makes it easier for him to relate with struggling students. His combination of playing and coaching experience makes him a great person to make poker coaching content.

In the poker ambition CFP program he has helped his students move up from 50-200NL to 1KNL+ (a small group is still active, shot taking 2k+). In the CFP, he has been able to test and further shape his philosophy. He is now committed to spreading this knowledge with the rest of the world, showing how you can get higher levels of poker success.

Adam Carmichael

Adam Carmichael

Adam Carmichael is a former high stakes poker player who now coaches poker players how to reach their full potential. Over the past 3 years he has dedicated his life to working 1-on-1 with hundreds of poker players from 32 different countries, playing all formats from online MTTs to live high stakes cash games.

His hands-on experience, coupled with his degree in Sports Science and his obsession with behavioural psychology, has lead him to discover unique approaches which will turn you into the ultimate peak performer.

Building a bulletproof mindset, optimising all areas of your performance and creating a GTO lifestyle in alignment with your biggest goals are just a few of the things you can expect from working with him.


Teun Mulder

Teun Mulder

"When I first came in contact with Poker Ambition and TheWakko it was just exactly what my game needed. The structured and professional way they view poker helped me a lot to improve my own game.

"From playing cash games, I was able to transfer the conceptual poker approach and PA philosophy towards MTTs as well. I am certain that everyone who would be joining the program of Poker Ambition would feel the same way."

Luuk "Pokerkluka" Gieles

Luuk Gieles

"I started my poker career playing mainly SNG’s and MTTs. Ever since I started to join forces with TheWakko back in 2017, I started to play more Cash games and my performance increased substantially. With Poker Ambition we started to become very good in putting theory into practice.

"This resulted in climbing up to the highest stakes of online Cash, where I am daily playing games at $50/100 and also from time to time some high stakes MTTs. I can only highly recommend the program Mechanics of Poker, because it teaches you the right things in the right order, to achieve higher EV."

Players They've Helped

To make sure that this content is valuable and will bring you the desired EV, Poker Ambition started with high-end coaching for an exclusive group of pros, and are now opening up their proven philosophy to the public.

Here are the four types of players they have helped along the way:

Players in Love With Data

This type of players lacked the theoretical background, and did not understand the psychological aspect of poker enough to make good decisions. For example, if they cbet 100% of their range because they saw players overfolding to a cbet, they would end up with some tricky decisions on later streets when villain didn't fold and they didn't know what to do.

By making this type of players understand how poker works from a theoretical perspective and the “correct” way to play a spot, they start to understand why these leaks occurred. They no longer had to memorize all the data as they now understood why the data would show a over/under fold/bluffed spot.

Players who Tried to Memorize the Solver

Players who tried to memorize certain spots instead of understanding them often found themselves overwhelmed and lost in-game due to the number of nuances and complexity they would encounter. Memorisation and randomising have nothing to do with thinking about what you want to achieve with your strategy or with your hand, particular line or sizing.

By starting to teach them why a solver does what it does and showing returning patterns in various situation, they could start predicting how other situations would play instead of having to memorize all the sims. By understanding what a check vs bet achieves they could estimate situations better and see more spots where the decision was clearly better, reducing their need to randomize.

Poker stopped feeling like a grind and they actually started to see how their new way of making decisions led to better outcomes, giving them a bigger sense of control and the feeling that there is less luck in poker than they thought.

Players Who Were Solver Wiz-Kids

They would basically explain to us how theory worked, but then failed to ask the question of how they can achieve in practice what a solver achieves in theory? They didn’t understand how poker works in the real world (vs. human beings). They were too worried about making the GTO decision instead of the highest EV decision and not understanding the concepts behind how EV is generated to then translate that to the situation they were in.

By bringing GTO down to a bunch of main concepts and clear objectives while playing a poker hand, they started to see how practical theory works, they were more able to adjust in situations and less paranoid about playing more exploitative poker.

Players Who Seemed to Understand it All

They may understand it all, but they still didn’t achieve the results that would match with their skill level. They would play great from time to time, do everything needed in order to achieve their goals and later on spew it away, fall back in bad habits that were not bringing them closer to their poker goals.

They would be lazy and did not want to deal with the hustle of opening and closing tables, let alone managing more than 2 poker clients so they just hopped in the 500NL zoom pool whenever they felt like playing, no matter the opposition.

We started to analyze their thought processes in spells of good and bad plays, took a closer look at why they started to sabotage themselves when they started to get closer to their goals and took a closer look if their 500NL zoom grind schedule was indeed in line with the goals they had for their poker career.

Now, all knowledge is no longer exclusive to our CFP, you can also make the same development in your career.

Poker Ambition is committed to your success, we want you to become a better professional and achieve better results. Subscribe here to our free demo of the program!

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  • From the 'Solver Wiz-Kids' to those who understand everything, find out how Poker Ambition can help

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