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Rick Trigg Wins 2021 GUKPT Manchester Main Event For £134,250

Richard Trigg

Rick Trigg has secured the second Grosvenor UK Poker Tour (GUKPT) Main Event title of his long and illustrious career after navigating his way through a star-studded field of 472 players in the 2021 GUKPT Manchester Main Event.

Trigg won the GUKPT Blackpool Main Event in November 2013, and is now in an exclusive club of players who have triumphed in at least two GUKPT Main Event. The victory was made all the more sweeter by the fact Trigg found himself nursing a three big blind stack on Day 2. The Yorkshireman fought his way back into contention before becoming a worthy winner.

2021 GUKPT Manchester Main Event Results

1Richard Trigg£134,250
2James Clarke£91,600
3Yiannis Liperis£54,450
4Paul McTaggart£33,550
5Jonathan Lemon£21,900
6Terry Jordon£15,750
7Stuart Lord£11,700
8Jack Ivermee£9,200
9Joe O'Donnell£7,600
Are You Ready to Slay the 2021 Goliath?

The 2021 Goliath takes place online again this year and has a massive £250,000 guaranteed prize pool

Twenty-one players returned to their seats for the final day of the GUKP Manchester Main Event, where the majority of the £519,200 prize pool was waiting to be won.

Christopher Bartlett, Gregory Hunt, and Andrew Taylor were the early casualties, the latter's elimination leaving only two tables of players in the Main Event. The players continued bowing out, with Lynne Beaumont's tenth-place finish setting the final table.

Joe O'Donnell's time at the final table was short-lived because he was the first player out of the door. O'Donnell's ninth-place finish was worth £7,600. The last four figure prize when to Jack Ivermee who moved all-in with pocket jacks on the turn of a seven-high board, only to be called by Paul McTaggart who was lying in wait with seven-deuce and who had turned two pair.

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Jordon Crashes Out in Sixth Place

Seventh-place and £11,700 went to Stuart Lord before start-of-the-day chip leader, Terry Jordon, crashed out in sixth for £15,750. Jordon three-bet all-in with pocket deuces over the top of an opening raise from Jonathan Lemon, who called with ace-jack. Jordon could sense what was about to happen because he stood from his seat and put on his coat. An ace on the river sent Jordon to the showers.

Lemon could not put Jordon's chips to much use because he was the next player eliminated. Lemon three-bet all-in with king-ten after McTaggart opened the betting. McTaggart called with a pair of black nines, which flopped quads!

Flopping four-of-a-kind must have used up all of McTaggart's luck because his impressive run ended in fourth place. McTaggart came over the top and raised all-in with ten-nine on a ten-high flop after Trigg fired a bet. Trigg called with pocket jacks. Neither the turn nor river provided any drama, and McTaggart headed into the night.

That had put the ball firmly in Trigg's court, and it was now his tournament to lose. Trigg got one hand on the trophy when another former GUKPT Blackpool champion, Yiannis Liperis, fell by the wayside.

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Trigg Goes Into Heads-Up With a Huge Advantage

Liperis was down to around 10 big blinds when he busted in third. His final hand saw him shove on the flop with an open-ended straight draw, and Trigg called with ace-queen. trigg's call turned out to be superb because his hand held.

Trigg went into heads-up against James "Raggy" Clarke holding a sizeable five-to-one chip lead, and it proved too much of a gap for Clarke to bridge. The final hand started with a raise from Clarke with nine-seven of spades, and a call from Trigg holding ten-five of clubs. Trigg check-called a 150,000 continuation bet, leading to the three of clubs on the turn. Both players check, and a ten landed on the rive, improving Clarke to what would turn out to be an very expensive second-best hand. Clarke moved all-in with his straight, Trigg called with the superior flush, and that was that.

Clarke walked away with the £91,600 consolation prize, leaving Trigg to return to Sheffield with the title of GUKPT Manchester champion and a cool £134,250 in prize money.

GUKPT Heads to Coventry

GUKPT regulars do not have a lot of downtime before the next stop of the 2021 tour kicks off because GUKPT Coventry begins on August 28. The Main Event costs £750, making it one of the more affordable events, even more so if you manage to win your seat via one of the many satellites online at Grosvenor Poker.

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Are You Ready to Slay the 2021 GUKPT Goliath? Are You Ready to Slay the 2021 GUKPT Goliath?