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Venetian DeepStack Poker Series Awards $22M; Cimbolas & Waigel Big Winners

Venetian DeepStacks

During the 2021 World Series of Poker (WSOP), several other series played out around Las Vegas such as The Grand Poker Series at the Golden Nugget downtown and the 2021 Wynn Fall Classic on the Strip.

Another series that just wrapped was the Venetian DeepStack Poker Series, which ran from September 27-November 28 and guaranteed more than $10 million in prize pools. During the course of the 76-event series, a combined 27,873 entrants competed and $22,546,322 in prize money was awarded.

PokerNews was on-site to provide live updates from a pair of Mid-States Poker Tour (MSPT) tournaments, which included Ethan “Rampage Poker” Yau’s victory in the $1,100 Main Event for $230,379 and Lithuania’s Gediminas Uselis taking down the $1,600 Main Event for $325,428.

Others to capture titles during the series were Ray Henson (Event #7: $800 PLO 8 or Better for $23,994), Angela Jordison (Event #22: $600 Monster Stack for $39,570), Mark Darner (Event #36: $1,100 Monster Stack for $87,744), Ravi Raghavan (Event #44: $600 NLH Monster Stack for $45,000), Tomas Soderstrom (Event #66: $900 Pot-Limit Omaha for $22,633), and Mohamed Serry (Event #71: $400 Monster Stack for $13,689).

Matas Cimbolas Wins DeepStack Championship

Matas Cimbolas
Matas Cimbolas

In early November, the $1,600 DeepStack Championship attracted 1,283 runners and offered up a $1,821,860 prize pool. That was paid out to the top 136 finishers, and some of those to make relatively deep runs but fall short of the final table were Daniel Illingworth (10th - $25,506), Gloria Jackson (11th - $25,506), David Eldridge (16th - $17,672), Kenny Hallaert (18th - $17,672), Justin Zaki (26th - $10,020), Phil Mader (32nd - $7,652), and Mukul Pahuja (36th - $7,652).

In heads-up play, Lithuania’s Matas Cimbolas bested Brady Osterman to claim the title and $310,265 first-place prize. It was the fifth-largest cash for the poker pro, who sits second on his country’s all-time money list with more than $5.3 million in lifetime earnings according to The Hendon Mob.

DeepStack Championship Final Table Results

1Matas CimbolasLithuania$310,265
2Brady OstermanMesa, AZ$200,405
3Jim AgateLas Vegas, NV$145,749
4Nikita KutukovWorcester, MA$111,316
5Daniela RodriguezColombia$83,806
6Damian SalasArgentina$63,765
7Mark EgbertWindsor, CA$49,190
8Charles PhillipsHuntersville, NC$38,259
9Keyavash HemyariHouston, TX$30,972

Ezeqiel “EZ” Waigel Wins Card Player Poker Tour for $417K

Ezeqiel “EZ” Waigel
Ezeqiel “EZ” Waigel

In mid-November, Venetian played host to the $2,500 Card Player Poker Tour, which more than doubled its $1 million guarantee as 975 runners created a prize pool of $2,218,125, which was paid out to the top 99 finishers.

Among those to cash were Ryan Dodd (11th - $27,727), Justin Saliba (13th - $20,850), Sergio Aido (19th - $13,974), Thomas Eychenne (27th - $10,647), Joe Serock (41st - $7,985), Martin Jacobson (46th - $7,098), and Adrian Mateos (49th - $7,098).

The title came down to Argentina’s Ezeqiel “EZ” Waigel and Kevin O’Donnell, and the former ultimately prevailed after starting with a 7:1 chip lead to claim the title and $417,004 top prize. It was relatively smooth sailing for Waigel, who bagged one of the biggest stacks on Day 1a, the third-biggest on Day 2, and began the final table as chip leader.

Card Player Poker Tour Venetian Final Table Results

1Ezeqiel “EZ” WaigelArgentina$417,004
2Kevin O’DonnellPenny Grove, CA$287,247
3Fabian GumzGermany$210,722
4Tibor NagygyoergyHungary$157,487
5Donovan DeanRainsville, AL$117,561
6Keven StammenDayton, KY$88,725
7Alexander VillaCanada$66,544
8Michael RossittoItaly$48,799
9Marco BognanniItaly$36,821

2021 Venetian DeepStack Poker Series Winners

DateTournamentEntriesPrize PoolWinnerHometownPrize
27-SepEvent #1: $400 NLH92$30,820Matthew ZazaianHenderson, NV$9,248
27-SepEvent #2: $400 NLH Survivor42$15,0005 WinnersN/A$2,900
30-SepEvent #3: $800 Ultimate Stack737$508,530Antonio TorpocoMemphis, TN$101,700
30-SepEvent #4: $600 Limit Omaha 8B161$82,593Kelly VandemheenOmaha, NE$15,047
1-OctEvent #5: $600 Monster Stack202$103,020Sean DavidsonPlymouth, MA$20,646
2-OctEvent #6: $600 Monster Stack205$104,550Florian RibouchonFrance$28,656
2-OctEvent #7: $800 PLO 8/B181$127,605Ray HensonHouston, TX$23,994
5-OctEvent #78: $600 Monster Stack1,321$667,105Bassel AsiHouston, TX$113,609
3-OctEvent #9: $400 NLH Survivor190$64,98019 WinnersN/A$3,400
4-OctEvent #10: $400 NLH Survivor162$55,40415 WinnersN/A$3,400
6-OctEvent #11: $800 Monster Stack413$289,100Frederic NormandCanada$54,126
7-OctEvent #12: $600 Monster Stack301$153,510Gloria JacksonJacksonville, FL$35,306
8-OctEvent #13: $800 Big O333$233,100Josh ThatcherGwinn, MI$53,383
8-OctEvent #14: $600 Monster Stack316$161,160Phillip GioiaWheat Ridge, CO$23,367
 Event #15: Mega Satellite     
10-OctEvent #16: $1,100 Ultimate Stack895$859,200Matthias AuerAustria$169,256
11-OctEvent #17: $1,100 Monster Stack458$444,260Joseph CrowleyArlington, VA$78,263
 Event #18: Mega Satellite     
14-OctEvent #19: $1,100 MSPT1,741$1,680,065Ethan "RampagePoker" YauQuincy, MA$230,379
12-OctEvent #20: $600 Pot Limit Omaha164$84,460Shaun ConroyIreland$19,724
15-OctEvent #21: $1,100 Double Stack317$309,075Howard MashCoconut Creek, FL$61,082
16-OctEvent #22: $600 Monster Stack359$183,090Angela JordisonCrooked River Ranch, OR$39,570
16-OctEvent #23: $1,100 PLO267$260,325James MinghiniStateline, NV$63,907
 Event #24: Mega Satellite     
17-OctEvent #25: $800 Ultimate Stack256$176,640Forrest KollarTalent, OR$43,367
 Event #26: Mega Satellite     
20-OctEvent #27: $1,600 MSPT1,341$1,910,925Gediminas UselisLithuania$325,428
 Event #28: Mega Satellite     
21-OctEvent #29: $1,100 Double Stack205$199,875Jorge GomezMiami, FL$50,000
24-OctEvent #30: $600 Monster Stack602$305,214Robin GuillaumotFrance$54,961
22-OctEvent #31: $400 Survivor161$55,06216 WinnersN/A$3,400
25-OctEvent #32: $800 PLO 8/B227$158,900Michael HowellLas Vegas, NV$36,437
25-OctEvent #33: $1,100 MonsterStack422$409,340Carlos VillamarinAlexandria, VA$74,289
 Event #34: Mega Satellite     
28-OctEvent #35: $1,100 Ultimate Stack1,408$1,351,680Jordan MeltzerEverett, WA$193,781
28-OctEvent #36: $1,100 Monster Stack411$398,670Mark DarnerDenver, CO$87,744
31-OctEvent #37: $300 Seniors 50+969$670,548Robert WeinCosta Mesa, CA$93,191
29-OctEvent #38: $600 PLO/PLO8215$110,725Sterling LopezAnchorage, AK$19,273
 Event #39: Mega Satellite     
31-OctEvent #40: $1,100 Monster Stack358$347,260Joakim BeaupreCanada$79,867
 Event #41: Mega Satellite     
1-NovEvent #42: $800 Super Seniors 60+237$164,004Moussa HaddadGlendale, AZ$20,000
3-NovEvent #43: $1,100 Mini Deepstack Championship1,950$1,872,000Bhavesh PatelRichardson, TX$238,233
4-NovEvent #44: $600 NLH Monster Stack592$301,920Ravi RaghavanNorthbrook, IL$45,000
5-NovEvent #45: $600 NLH Monster Stack538$274,380Chris FurbertBermuda$44,890
6-NovEvent #46: $800 Pot-Limit Omaha322$225,400Peter WalsworthLakewood Ranch, FL$51,839
6-NovEvent #47: $600 NLH Monster Stack631$321,810Bryan ObregonSan Antonio, TX$67,230
 Event #48: Mega Satellite     
9-NovEvent #49: $1,600 Deepstack Championship1,283$1,821,860Matas CimbolasLithuania$310,265
 Event #50: Mega Satellite     
 Event #51: Mega Satellite     
10-NovEvent #52: $600 PLO Bounty186$95,790Zachary PeayEvansville, IN$16,060
 Event #53: Mega Satellite     
 Event #54: Mega Satellite     
12-NovEvent #55: $2,500 CardPlayer Poker Tour975$2,218,125Ezeqiel WaigelArgentina$417,004
11-NovEvent #56: $400 NLH Survivor206$70,45220 winnersN/A$3,400
 Event #57: Mega Satellite     
13-NovEvent #58: $1,100 NLH Monster Stack341$330,770Joseph CookGilbert, AZ$67,894
14-NovEvent #59: $1,100 NLH Monster Stack204$197,880Jason WongUnited Kingdom$48,866
14-NovEvent #60: $400 NLH Survivor112$38,30411 winnersN/A$3,400
17-NovEvent #61: $800 Ultimate Stack502$346,380Michael UngLong Beach, CA$60,857
15-NovEvent #62: $600 Limit Omaha 8B127$65,405Itsuko YoroiJapan$13,197
17-NovEvent #63: $600 NLH Monster Stack395$201,450Stephane TayarFrance$37,738
17-NovEvent #64: NLH Survivor156$53,35211 winnersN/A$3,400
21-NovEvent #65: $600 Epic Stack1,278$639,000Brandon ZuidemaFontana, CA$82,337
18-NovEvent #66: $900 Pot-Limit Omaha107$75,435Tomas SoderstromAustria$22,633
21-NovEvent #67: $400 Monster Stack181$60,635Maksym LavrovUkraine$14,183
24-NovEvent #68: $400 Monster Stack608$202,464Julien WeymouthGuam$33,289
22-NovEvent #69: $300 NLH Bounty162$40,500Junghyun CheonSan Francisco, CA$4,975
23-NovEvent #70: $300 NLH Bounty122$30,500Antoine GoutardFrance$5,174
24-NovEvent #71: $400 Monster Stack175$58,625Mohamed SerryNew York, NY$13,689
24-NovEvent #72: $300 NLH Bounty80$20,000Jan JansmaNetherlands$4,080
25-NovEvent #73: $300 NLH Turbo63$15,750Liang LimChicopee, MA$5,512
25-NovEvent #74: $300 NLH Bounty98$24,500Jason CevascoFairbanks, AK$3,023
28-NovEvent #75: $400 Ultimate Stack702$231,660Dan SepiolMichigan City, IN$42,454
28-NovEvent #76: $400 Monster Stack108$36,180Robert TonyLas Vegas, NV$10,852

DeepStack Extravaganza Runs November 29-January 9


Poker players don’t have to wait long for the next series at Venetian; in fact, it’s happening now!

The Venetian DeepStack Extravaganza (NYE) began on November 29 and will run through January 9, 2022. More than $2.3 million in guaranteed prize pools will be offered throughout 56 events.

That includes an $1,100 buy-in, $500K GTD Mid-States Poker Tour (MSPT) from December 28-30. That tournament will start players with 25,000 in chips and play 40-minute levels. There will be two starting flights with Day 1a at 11:10 a.m. PT on Tuesday, December 28 with Day 1b taking place at the same time on Wednesday, December 29.

The surviving players from each flight with then return as 11 a.m. PT on Thursday, December 30 to play down to a winner on Day 2. PokerNews will be on-site to offer live updates for the duration of that tournament.

Click here for a look at the full Venetian DeepStack Extravaganza (NYE) schedule.

  • The @VenetianPoker DeepStacks Series catered to 27,873 entrants & awarded $22,546,322 in prize money.

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Ethan "Rampage Poker" Yau Wins MSPT Venetian $1,100 Main Event ($230,379) Ethan "Rampage Poker" Yau Wins MSPT Venetian $1,100 Main Event ($230,379)