The Festival Tallinn Gets Off To a Flying Start

Martins Skeiba

Monday 28 June was the first day of The Festival Tallinn and what an incredible day it was, with the Olympic Park Casino awash with poker players from all over Europe.

The Festival Tallinn kicked off with 77 players buying into the Sviten Special event, a super-fun poker variant that is a mixture of Five Card Draw and Pot Limit Omaha; it really is as crazy as it sounds! That event played down to its final table, with that final table commencing at 7:00 p.m. local time and awarding its champion €16,600.

Netherlands' Koen Ross won the first tournament on the busy schedule of The Festival Tallinn. The Dutchman came out on top of an 83-string field in the €60 knockout event, and he padded his bankroll with a shade over €2,000, a great return on such a small investment.

Also looking to turn something small into a much more meaningful payout were the 142 players who bought into the first live satellite for the upcoming The Festival Tallinn Main Event. Of those 142 entrants, six walked away with €550 Main Event tickets for their initial €35 investment. Those satellite winners will now be fighting it out for a share of a guaranteed €500,000 in the Main Event.

It was not only tournaments that shuffled up and dealt on Day 1 of the festival because the Cash Game Festival Challenge saw dozens of players take to the cash game table and battle it out on The Festival Tallinn's Twitch channel; you can also tune into the live streams right here a PokerNews. Martins Skeiba (pictured) was one of the big cash game winners on Day 1. The Festival Tallinn plans to stream plenty of action throughout the series, as you can see in the table below.

The Festival Tallinn Streaming Schedule

DateTime (EEST)Event
Tue 28 Jun5:00 p.m.PLO Masters
Wed 29 Jun7:00 p.m.Acroud Charity Tournaments
 11:30 p.m.Cash Game Festival Challenge €2/€2 PLO
Thu 30 Jun5:00 p.m.Half 'n Half (NLHE and PLO)
Fri 1 Jul8:00 p.m.Cash Game Festival Challenge €2/€5 NLHE
 10:30 p.m.Cash Game Festival Challenge €2/€2 PLO
Sat 2 Jul12:00 p.m.Main Event Day 3
 1:00 p.m.Pokerlistings Deepstack Day 2
Sun 3 Jul12:00 p.m.Main Event Final Table
 1:00 p.m.Pokerlistings Deepstack Final Table

Check Out The Action-Packed The Festival Tallinn Schedule

The eagerly anticipated Main Event kicks off on June 28 and PokerNews will have a full recap of the action each day up to and including when a champion is crowned!

DateTimeEvent No.TournamentBuy-in
28-Jun12:008MAIN EVENT DAY 1A - 10 Levels€ 550
28-Jun13:0098-Game€ 115
28-Jun17:0010PLO Masters€ 250
28-Jun18:002Blackjack Championships Day 1B 
28-Jun19:001Sviten Special Day 2/FT 
28-Jun21:0011Supersat to Main Event (5 tickets gtd)€ 35
28-Jun22:0012Win the Button 
28-Jun21:006Roulette Championships Day 1B€ 250
29-Jun12:008MAIN EVENT DAY 1B - 10 Levels€ 550
29-Jun15:0013Supersat to Main Event (5 tickets gtd)€ 35
29-Jun17:0014Texas Progressive Knockout€ 220
29-Jun17:0015PLO High Roller Day 1€ 1,050
29-Jun18:002Blackjack Championships Day 1C€ 250
29-Jun19:0016Acroud Charity Tournaments, Invites only€ 1
29-Jun21:006Roulette Championships 1C€ 250
29-Jun21:0017Cash Game Festival Challenge €2/2 Texas€ 250
29-Jun21:0018Stand ´n Go, Texas ”Frankes Flips Flops" 
29-Jun23:3019Cash Game Festival Challenge €2/2 PLO4€ 250
30-Jun12:008MAIN EVENT DAY 1C - 10 Levels€ 550
30-Jun13:002Blackjack Championships Day 2 
30-Jun13:0020H.O.R.S.E.€ 250
30-Jun13:0015PLO High Roller Final Day - reserve slot 
30-Jun17:0021Half ´n Half (Texas & PLO, 1 level each)€ 110
30-Jun19:006Roulette Championships Day 2 
30-Jun20:008MAIN EVENT DAY 1D Turbo - 10 Levels€ 550
01-Jul12:008MAIN EVENT DAY 2€ 550
01-Jul17:0022Pokerlistings Deepstack Day 1€ 250
01-Jul17:0023Open Face Chinese€ 330
01-Jul18:0024NLH High Roller Day 1€ 1,050
01-Jul20:0025Cash Game Festival Challenge €2/5 Texas€ 250
01-Jul20:0026Matching Visions Slots Tournament€ 250
01-Jul22:3027Cash Game Festival Challenge €2/2 PLO4€ 250
02-Jul12:008MAIN EVENT DAY 3 
02-Jul13:0028Gambling Cabin Sportsbook Tournament€ 250
02-Jul13:0022Pokerlistings Deepstack Day 2/Final 
02-Jul14:0024NLH High Roller Final Day 
02-Jul16:0029Heads Up Texas, CAP 32, Day 1€ 330
02-Jul14:0030Team Poker Challenge, Texas€ 600
02-Jul18:002Blackjack Championships Final 
02-Jul20:0031Cash Game Festival Challenge €5/5 Texas€ 250
02-Jul20:0032PLO Turbo€ 110
02-Jul21:006Roulette Championships Final 
02-Jul22:3033Cash Game Festival Challenge €5/5 PLO4€ 250
03-Jul12:0034Texas Lowroller€ 55
03-Jul12:0022Pokerlistings Deepstack FT/ 
03-Jul12:0035OFC HR€ 1,050
03-Jul12:0029Heads Up Texas, CAP 32, Final 
03-Jul13:0036Texas Shortdeck/ 6+ Hold´em€ 110
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