APAT Shares Schedule for UK Championship Of Amateur Poker 2023; Runs from May 17-21


More action from the Amateur Poker Association & Tour (APAT) is right around the corner as the tour's UK Championship Of Amateur Poker (UKCOAP) is set to begin at Dusk Till Dawn, Nottingham from tomorrow, with the series culminating on May 21.

The UKCOAP is one of the best events of the APAT season, as it allows amateur players to test their abilities, experience diverse poker variants, and vie for prestigious titles. With varying buy-ins and formats, participants can choose the events that best suit their preferences and challenge themselves in the realm of amateur poker.

Six Championship Events Planned for Nottingham

The UKCOAP offers an exciting lineup of six championship events and the well-attended APAT High Roller. Poker enthusiasts have plenty of opportunities to showcase their skills and compete for prestigious titles.

Kicking off the series is the APAT UK PLO Amateur Poker Championship on May 17. Players can test their Omaha skills in this Pot-Limit Omaha event with a buy-in of £60. With the popularity of PLO on the rise, participants can anticipate intense action and challenging gameplay.

On May 18, two championship events begin. The first is the APAT UK Amateur Poker Championship, which guarantees a substantial £50,000 prize pool. There are several Day 1 flights and you can enter this No-Limit Hold'em tournament for £120. The event promises fierce competition as players compete for their share of the impressive prize pool.

Simultaneously, the APAT UK Triple Stud Amateur Poker Championship commences on the same day. With a buy-in of £60, this tournament offers a unique blend of three poker variants – Stud Hi, Stud Hi-Lo, and Razz. Participants will need a versatile skill set and adaptability to excel in this multi-format event.

On May 19, the APAT UK HORSE Amateur Poker Championship takes center stage. HORSE combines five different poker variants (Hold'em, Omaha, Razz, Stud, and Stud Hi-Lo) in rotation. With a buy-in of £120, players will showcase their proficiency in various games and compete for the championship title.

Moreover, the APAT High Roller event, held on May 19, offers a high-stakes competition for those seeking a greater challenge. This prestigious tournament features the largest buy-in of the series, attracting experienced players looking to demonstrate their prowess and compete for significant rewards.

The APAT ROE (NLHE/PLO) Amateur Poker Championship rounds out the series on May 20. This tournament combines two popular poker variants, No-Limit Hold'em and Pot-Limit Omaha, in rotation. With a buy-in of £60, players will engage in a strategic battle, utilizing their skills across multiple formats.

Finally, the festival culminates on May 21 with the APAT UK Bounty Hunter Championship. In this thrilling tournament, players pay a buy-in of £120, with £50 of that amount becoming their personal bounty. Knocking out opponents earns players their bounties, adding an extra layer of excitement and rewards to the competition.

Full UKCOAP Schedule

Wed 17 May19:00£50+£10APAT UK PLO Amateur Poker Championship
Wed 17 May21:00£34+£6APAT High Roller Satellite
Thu 18 May18:00£100 + £20APAT UK Amateur Poker Championship (Day 1A) £50,000 GTD
Thu 18 May19:00£50+£10APAT UK Triple Stud Amateur Poker Championship
Thu 18 May21:00£34+£6APAT High Roller Satellite
Fri 19 May17:00£300 + £40APAT High Roller
Fri 19 May18:00£100 + £20APAT UK Amateur Poker Championship (Day 1B) £50,000 GTD
Fri 19 May19:00£100+£20APAT UK HORSE Amateur Poker Championship
Sat 20 May13:00£100 + £20APAT UK Amateur Poker Championship (Day 1C) £50,000 GTD
Sat 20 May13:00£50+£10APAT ROE (NLHE/PLO) Amateur Poker Championship
Sat 20 May17:00£100 + £20APAT UK Amateur Poker Championship (Day 1D) £50,000 GTD
Sat 20 May20:00£56 + £9WPT SATELLITE
Sun 21 May13:00-APAT UK Amateur Poker Championship (Day 2/FT)
Sun 21 May14:00£50+£50+£20APAT UK Bounty Hunter Championship
Sun 21 May17:00£50+£10APAT Deep and Steep
Sun 21 May19:00£56+£9WPT SATELLITE

Play APAT Online Events on GGPoker

Did you know that you can play online APAT events on GGPoker? The two brands recently joined forces and will work together to support the growth of amateur poker at a grassroots level. GGPoker's advanced platform and extensive player base will offer APAT members opportunities to develop their skills, compete in prestigious events, and connect with poker enthusiasts worldwide.

As part of the collaboration, GGPoker will host exclusive online events for APAT members, including Championship tournaments and qualifiers for live events. Additionally, APAT's World Championship of Amateur Poker (WCOAP) will be played exclusively online at GGPoker. This partnership will allow APAT members and GGPoker players to compete for prestigious National Amateur Championship titles, Medals, and Bracelets, as well as earn a National Amateur Ranking.

2023 Amateur Poker Association & Tour (APAT) Remaining Live Schedule

The Nottingham event marks the midway point of Season 16's calendar, with future stops taking place at Edinburgh, Cardiff and Czechia. There are also another two series to take place in Nottingham in August and November 2023.

May 17-21APAT UK Championship of Amateur PokerDusk Till Dawn, Nottingham
Jun 9-11APAT Scottish Amateur Poker ChampionshipGrosvenor Casino, Edinburgh
Aug 23-28World Championship of Amateur Poker – WCOAPDusk Till Dawn, Nottingham
Sep 15-17APAT Welsh Amateur Poker ChampionshipLes Croupiers, Cardiff
Sep 27-Oct. 2APAT German Amateur Poker ChampionshipGrand Casino Asch, Czech Republic
Nov 16-19APAT Poker Squads Live 2023Dusk Till Dawn, Nottingham
  • Check out the schedule for the upcoming UK Championship Of Amateur Poker at Dusk Till Dawn

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