"lxiltxZtKQn" Goes Wire-to-Wire to Win the 888poker XL Spring Series Main Event

888poker XL Spring Series

The 888poker XL Spring Series Main Event is done and dusted, and it was Brazil's "lxiltxZtKQn" that was the last player standing. "lxiltxZtKQn" topped a field of 1,821 entrants (including 135 rebuys), and got their hands on $38,263 of the $500,000 prize pool.

"lxiltxZtKQn" sat down at the nine-handed final table with the chip lead in tow. They built on that early advantage and went wire-to-wire to become a worthy poker champion.

888poker XL Spring Series Main Event Final Table Results

RankPlayerCountryBountiesPrizeTotal Prize
6ckb4714United Kingdom$2,289$7,950$10,239

Each of the nine finalists locked in $3,450 for their efforts plus the mystery bounties they banked along the way. The biggest bounty was pulled out on Day 2 when British grinder "Lokiape" opened a golden envelope containing a massive $50,000!

Ireland's "xxBanioNxx" was the first of the nine finalists to bow out. Their ninth-place finish came with a total haul worth $5,398.

"buicanalex" of Romania busted in eighth for $7,183, with the elimination of "betsoares" in seventh awarding a $14,792 payout thanks to the Brazilian capturing $8,817 worth of mystery bounty payments.

888poker regular "ckb4714" busted in sixth place after a clash with "Luttekikker" did not go to plan. "ckb4714" called off their short stack with pocket nines, and looked set for a timely double-up because "Luttekikker" held ace-five of hearts. However, three of the first four community cards were also hearts, leaving "ckb4714" drawing dead.

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Fifth place and $12,413 went to "Hiisoka93," with"Luttekikker" again coming from behind to bust a foe. "Hiisoka93" open-shoved for a little over six big blinds with ace-jack of clubs, and "Luttekikker" looked them up with the dominated ace-nine of hearts. Although there was no flush time around for "Luttekikker," the flop did contain a nine, and it proved enough to reduce the player count by one.

"Luttekikker" claimed another scalp in the shape of "Rochinh2011." The latter got their chip in with ace-queen on an eight-deuce-nine flop, only for "Luttekikker" to snap-call with king-nine. Both the turn and river bricked for the all in player, and the once ample field was reduced to only three players.

Those three became two when "lxiltxZtKQn" sent the talented Swede "r4ndomr4gs" to the showers. "lxiltxZtKQn" min-raised to 500,000 with ace-king, and "r4ndomr4gs" called with queen-nine. "r4ndomr4gs" check-called a 402,187 bet on the ten-ace-eight flop, which showed two hearts. They then led for 550,000 on the offsuit eight turn before jamming for 1,979,844 on the seven of diamonds river. "lxiltxZtKQn" called with their flopped pair of aces, and "r4ndomr4gs" had to make do with a third-place finish.

Heads-up did not last long, and ended with all of the chips in front of "lxiltxZtKQn." The final hand saw "Luttekikker" open-shoved for 16 big blinds with ten-eight of clubs, and "lxiltxZtKQn" call with the superior king-queen. Neither player connected with the flop, so the king-high of "lxiltxZtKQn" was enough to bust "Luttekikker" and clinch the title of 888poker XL Spring Series Main Event champion.

  • Here is how the 888poker XL Spring Series Main Event action went down.

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