"yifors" Triumphs in the Inaugural WPT Global Spring Festival Main Event

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The inaugural WPT Global Spring Festival Main Event has crowned its worthy champion, and it is "yifors" who wrote their name into the history books by outlasting 204 opponents, and banking $23,476 of the $104,550 prize pool.

It took only 45 minutes of play on Day 2 for the money bubble to burst, with the unlucky 33rd-place finisher being the last player to go home empty-handed. There was a flurry of eliminations from the moment the bubble popped, each busted player taking home at least $721 for their efforts.

By the time "pollozayas" busted in ninth-place to set the final table, nobody would win less than $2,633.

WPT Global Spring Festival Main Event Final Table Results


"TForce15" was the final table's first casualty. First, they lost with suited ace-queen against suited jack-ten to be left with only a handful of big blinds. The short stack of "TForce15" went into the middle holding queen-nine of hearts only for it to lose to the eight-six of hearts of "yifors," who turned a full house.

"陶雲" bowed out in seventh after a clash with "Banjaxed" did not go to plan. Down to ten big blinds, 陶雲 moved all in with pocket fours only to run into the pair of queen of Banjaxed. The latter improved to an unnecessary full house on the river to rub salt into the busted player's wounds.

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Sixth place and $4,880 went to "谁来neng死我" who can count themselves unlucky. "sersuperior" open-shoved from the cutoff for 25 big blinds with what turned out to be jack-nine of hearts, "谁来neng死我" called all-in with a pair of black tens in the hole, only for a jack to land on the river.

The final five became four with the untimely demise of "craimeariver." They looked down at pocket sevens, and decided to open-shove for 13 big blinds from under the gun. Everyone folded to "yifors" in the small blind, and they snap-called with pocket aces! The five community cards provided no drams, and "craimeariver" was gone.

"sersuperior" bagged the final four-figure prize after coming unstuck in a hand against "yifors." "Banjaxed" min-raised to 70,000 on the button, "yifors" moved all-in from the small blind for 1,811,687, "sersuperior" called all-in for 865,061 from the big blind, and "Banjaxed" folded. It was ace-queen of hearts for "yifors" and the dominated ace-jack for "sersuperior." In the end, the queen-kicker of "yifors" played, and the tournament was down to only three players.

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Heads-up was set when "Banjaxed" lost in a battle of the blinds against "而奋斗擦嗄." "Banjaxed" held queen-ten of diamonds against ace-eight, and bust in third despite flopped a diamond flush draw.

"yifors" went into the one-on-one battle with a substantial chip lead, and they never looked back. The final hand saw "yifors" check on the turn before quickly calling the check-raise all-in from their opponent. "yifors" had turned a full house with their pocket kings, while their opponent had improved to a queen-high diamond flush at the same time. The river was inconsequential because "yifors" had become a WPT Global champion.

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  • Check out the final table action from the WPT Global Spring Series Main Event.

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