"Huggers23" & "Rickwon574" Claim Sunday Championship Titles at PokerStars NACOOP

PokerStars US NACOOP

Day 3 of the North American Championship of Online Poker (NACOOP) on the PokerStars US platforms crowned a total of 16 winners across three states — Michigan, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania.

PokerNews live reported the two major events from Sunday — the Sunday Championship and the High Roller 6-Max, both no-limit hold'em contests. Similar tournaments take place on the shared liquidity Michigan/New Jersey PokerStars site (USCOOP series), as with the Pennsylvania PokerStars platform (PACOOP series).

Players in the United States are joined by Ontario in their quest for a share of some big guarantees – as well as a Vegas Gold Pass, which will send players to the relaunch of the NAPT in Las Vegas before they spend three days at the Oracle Red Bull Racing Fan Experience during the Las Vegas Grand Prix.

The full package is worth $20,030, and it includes:

  • Seat in the $5,300 NAPT Las Vegas High Roller (November 10-12)
  • 3-day pass for two (November 16-18) for Oracle Red Bull Racing Fan Experience in Las
  • 9 nights hotel accommodation for two (November 10-19) at Resorts World Las Vegas,
    including taxes and resort fees.
  • $4,000 towards flights and expenses.

Win a Red Spade Pass to Vegas for the F1 Race Through PokerStars US

Eight Winners in Pennsylvania

PACOOP PokerStars

There were eight events on Sunday on PokerStars PA for the exciting PACOOP series. The day was highlighted by two tournaments covered by the PokerNews live reporting team.

In the $100 buy-in Sunday Championship, a $100,000 guaranteed NLH game, it was "Huggers23" coming out victorious to claim the $16,330 first place prize. The champion outlasted a massive field of 1,028 entrants, another incredible turnout at the 2023 NACOOP, and it's just Day 3.

On the same poker site in the same state, PokerNews live reported the $500 High Roller 6-Max Championship, also a $100,000 guaranteed prize pool. In this 194-player field, "TecmoB0wl" triumphed for $19,663.

2023 Pennsylvania Sunday Championship Final Table Results


There were six other events on the PACOOP Day 3 schedule, which means six additional players can also claim to be PACOOP champions. Beyond the winners we covered in our live reporting of Day 3 on Sunday, there are others who deserve recognition, including "BSwg" who took down $25 Mini Sunday Special (NLH) for $3,784 via a chop. Also, "Sleevy" won $2,856 for beating out 340 players in the $50 Sunday Second Chance (NLH).

2023 PACOOP Winners

TournamentEntriesPrize PoolWinnerPrize
PACOOP #1: $100 Turbo Warm Up, $30K GTD393$36,077"werd3739"$6,571
PACOOP #2: $20 Mini Turbo Warm Up, $15K GTD777$15,000"CleggsonGG"$2,546
PACOOP #3: $50 8-Game Warm Up, $7.5K GTD187$8,509"Wentzfather2"$1,697
PACOOP #4: $30 Hyper Turbo Warm Up, $7.5K GTD387$10,913"NellieKane"$1,978
PACOOP #5: $20 Afternoon Warm Up, Progressive KO, $10K GTD539$10,000"shawnpsu14"$705+$1,159 (bounties)
PACOOP #6: $100 Pennsylvania Open Championship, $40K GTD529$48,562"1RUNG00D"$8,094*
PACOOP #7: $30 Mini PA Open, $15K GTD751$20,502"pokaroka31"$3,479
PACOOP #8: $300 Progressive Big KO, $40K GTD162$45,360"mgt19135"$2,346+$7,472 (bounties)
PACOOP #9: $50 2-7 Triple Draw, $5K GTD137$6,234"Bodybuilder009"$1,308
PACOOP #10: $100 Turbo Zoom, 6-Max, $17.5K GTD227$20,839"benton324"$3,065*
PACOOP #11: $100 NLHE [Sunday Marathon - PKO Edition], $30K Gtd352$32,313"palehorse21"$5,506*
PACOOP #12: $10 NLHE [Sunday Starter], $5K Gtd624$5,678"Bootskinbob"$980
PACOOP #13: $100 NLHE [Sunday Championship], $100K Gtd1,028$100,000"Huggers23"$16,330
PACOOP #14: $25 NLHE [Mini Sunday Special], $25K Gtd155$25,000"BSwg"$3,784*
PACOOP #15: $500 NLHE [High Roller 6-Max Championship], $100K Gtdd194$100,000"TecmoB0wl"$19,663
PACOOP #16: $100 HORSE, $10K Gtd111$10,189"gophertwo"$2,291
PACOOP #17: $50 NLHE [Sunday Second Chance], $15K Gtd340$15,470"Sleevy"$2,856
PACOOP #18: $50 NLHE [Bounty Builder Adrenaline, Progressive Total KO], $12.5K Gtd350$16,450"TJ112298"$3,267

*-denotes chop deal

Large Fields in USCOOP Sunday Events

USCOOP PokerStars

The action was hot Sunday on the PokerStars MI/NJ shared liquidity platform, with eight events running, all of which had impressive turnouts. PokerNews handled the live reporting duties for the same events as in Pennsylvania. But the difference in the Sunday Championship was the guarantee was $130,000 in MI/NJ as compared to $100,000 in PA.

As such, the field was even bigger — 1,392 entrants. When all was said and done, "Rickwon574" was the only player left with chips and took home $20,185 for the impressive performance. In the High Roller 6-Max, the champion is "dankecomwieder" for $18,088, via a heads-up chop against "Dublistic," who received $16,088. There were 199 players in the field.

2023 USCOOP Sunday Championship Final Table Results


Much like in Pennsylvania, the Michigan/New Jersey PokerStars site had six additional NACOOP tournaments running on Sunday. One of those winners is "248donkey," who didn't play like a donkey in the $100 Sunday Marathon PKO Edition, and received $6,348 in a chop arrangement. The $75 buy-in Sunday Second Chance (NLH) attracted 391 entrants, with "cloucas" taking it down for $4,860.

2023 USCOOP Winners

TournamentEntriesPrize PoolWinnerPrize
USCOOP #1: $100 Turbo Warm Up, $35K GTD499$45,808"Jkin231"$8,143
USCOOP #2: $20 Mini Turbo Warm Up, $17.5K GTD1,056$19,219"thepescis1"$2,486*
USCOOP #3: $50 8-Game Warm Up, $7.5K GTD247$11,239"DIAL514"$2,172
USCOOP #4: $30 Hyper Turbo Warm Up, $10K GTD630$17,766"TheScreamMask"$2,842*
USCOOP #5: $20 Afternoon Warm Up, Progressive KO, $12K GTD601$12,000"WarrenBluffet44"$910+$1,078 (bounties)
USCOOP #6: $100 The Open Championship, $50K GTD654$60,037"kfitz28"$8,579*
USCOOP #7: $30 Mini Open, $20K GTD998$27,245"PIMP SWIVEL"$4,455
USCOOP #8: $300 Progressive Big KO, $50K GTD186$52,080"LetsGoGlobal"$2,631 + $12,256 (bounties)
USCOOP #9: $50 2-7 Triple Draw, $5K GTD143$6,507"mangocoin"$1,366
USCOOP #10: $100 Turbo Zoom, 6-Max, $20K GTD269$24,694"rkellyishere" $4,320* 
USCOOP #11: $100 NLHE [Sunday Marathon - PKO Edition], $35K Gtd423$38,831"248donkey"$6,348*
USCOOP #12: $10 NLHE [Sunday Starter], $6K Gtd932$8,481"usd1"$1,410
USCOOP #13: $100 NLHE [Sunday Championship], $130K Gtd1,392$130,000"Rickwon574"$20,185
USCOOP #14: $25 NLHE [Mini Sunday Special], $30K Gtd1,498$34,079"Vokey1224"$5,229
USCOOP #15: $500 NLHE [High Roller 6-Max Championship], $100K Gtd199$100,000"dankecomwieder"$18,087*
USCOOP #16: $100 HORSE, $10K Gtd119$10,924"JWG_In_NJ"$2,281*
USCOOP #17: $75 NLHE [Sunday Second Chance], $20K Gtd391$26,685"cloucas"$4,860
USCOOP #18: $50 NLHE [Bounty Builder Adrenaline, Progressive Total KO], $15K Gtd419$19,693"xBlackout16"$3,965

*-denotes chop deal

Live Updates on Monday

Be sure to stay tuned for live updates on Monday from the NACOOP right here on PokerNews. Check out the rest of the schedule below.

Check out all the NACOOP schedules here!

  • Find out who won the latest USCOOP and PACOOP tournaments.

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