“DantonGomes” Makes Quick Work of the Final Table to Win 888poker XL Autumn Series Main Event

888poker XL Autumn Series Main Event

After only an hour of play, the final table of Event #34: $250 Mystery Bounty Main Event at the 888poker XL Autumn Series has come to an end. The players battled it out and chased the bounties, but after the final card was dealt, it was “DantonGomes” who came out on top.

The field made it down to the final three players, who went for a few orbits before proposing a three-handed deal. The players choose to ICM chop the top three prizes and play out the remainder of the tournament for the final three bounties and the title of Main Event Champion.

“DantonGomes” entered the final table in sth place, but they maneuvered their way to the chip lead when the three-handed deal was made. They ran extremely pure and were responsible for five of the seven knockouts on the final table. This should not distract from the fact they also used their chips to apply pressure and push their equity when the time was right.

Final Table Results

PlaceNameCountryPrizeBountyTotal Winnings
4replay123United Kingdom$13,725$0$13,725
6CatchMyB777United Arab Emirates$7,575$6,318$13,893

*denotes a final table deal

Final Table Action

The final table kicked off with a big hand where “IOwnU888” rivered a flush against the flopped set of “slmzrj”. This would leave “slmzrj” short and a few hands later "DantonGomes" would get their first elimination of the final table when they made top two pair and sent “slmzrj” to the rail in eighth place.

bucurestean” held on for just a few more hands but would fall in seventh place at the hands of a cold deck. They got all the chips in pre-flop with ace-king but would run into the pocket rockets of "Kostya_jock” A few hands later "IOwnU888" was facing a huge preflop jam from "CatchMyB777" but would eventually make the call. “CatchMyB777" would then hit the rail in sixth place when their ace-six could not improve against the ace-ten of "IOwnU888.”

The eventual champion "DantonGomes" scored another knockout when they called the all in of "sezon1th.” The full board ran out and the ace-jack of "sezon1th" could not improve against the pocket jacks of "DantonGomes.”

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A pattern then began to arise as "DantonGomes" got another knockout when their pocket kings took down the pocket fours of “replay123” sending them to the rail in fourth place.

The players would then run a few hands before opting to pause the tournament and discuss a deal. They landed on an agreement to ICM chop the rest of the prize money and play out the remainder of the tournament to get to a winner and award the last three bounties. They played about another 15 minutes before "DantonGomes” knocked out both "Kostya_jock" in third place and eventually "IOwnU888" in second place.

Although "DantonGomes" ran well and caught some cards, they kept their foot on the gas and earned their knockouts by putting their chips to work. They would take home the most out of the players that chopped by securing $32,001 and $2,908 in bounties. Truly a dominant performance from the player out of Brazil.

Full 888poker XL Autumn Series Results

EventBuy-inEntrantsPrize PoolChampionPrize
#01 - $35,000 Mystery Bounty Mini Opening$55800$40,000MyNumber7$3,977*
#02 - $120,000 Mystery Bounty Opening$1091,142$120,000MrBoJinglez$10,074*
#03 - $35,000 High Roller Opening$52589$44,500Kabosu69$12,259
#04 - $12,000 PKO Mini$22717$14,340KidCarey13$2,051*
#05 - $12,000 PKO$109171$17,100Blondal$3,727*
#06 - $15,000 Mystery Bounty$55379$18,950SupertrampBR$2,543*
#07 - $20,000 Mystery Bounty High Roller$32097$29,100dmg34$8,306*
#08 - $12,000 6-Max Mini$22539$12,000magnf1cious$2,322
#09 - $12,000 6-Max$109130$13,000linguinhaaa$3,380
#10 - $15,000 Super KO$55329$16,450cbetoulevou$2,011*
#11 - $5,000 Super KO Mini$8.80551$5,000AmbasadorPro$524*
#12 - $12,000 PKO Turbo Deep Mini$22541$12,000PivoSolver$1,922*
#13 - $12,000 PKO Turbo Deep$109101$12,000Bhs_Luck$2,846*
#14 - $35,000 Mystery Bounty$55759$37,950Dred_Rednose$4,972*
#15 - $10,000 Mystery Bounty Mini$111,102$11,020Maydin24$1,164*
#16 - $40,000 HR Turbo Deep$52579$40,000cherrywine$11,020
#17 - $25,000 Mystery Bounty$109307$30,700shashOs21$6,560*
#18 - $12,000 Big Shot Mini$22510$12,000Matheus_lima$2,076
#19 - $12,000 Big Shot$109140$14,000Escabofildo$3,255
#20 - $200,000 Mystery Bounty$1621,286$200,0003AHYDA$36,885*
#21 - $15,000 Turbo Deep Mini High Roller$55288$15,000thenewmig$3,040
#22 - $20,000 Turbo Deep High Roller$32072$21,600popsnpoker$6,048
#23 - $12,000 Super KO Mini$22477$12,00Boene3000$1,452*
#24 - $12,000 Super KO$109143$14,300PivoSolver$2,062*
#25 - $5,000 PKO 6-Max$5.50757$5,000Brunsonskid$654
#26 - $20,000 PKO 6-Max$320109$32,700idkhtp$9,237*
#27 - $12,000 Big Shot Mini$22513$12,000Laughingfish$2,076
#28 - $12,000 Big Shot$109107$12,000bingemma$2,956
#29 - $35,000 Mystery Bounty Mini High Roller$55760$38,000Interfan85$4,428*
#30 - $25,000 Mystery Bounty$221,289$25,780LuizHoff1$2,033*
#31 - $40,000 High Roller$525$40,000topdoll827$11,020 
#32 - $25,000 Mystery Bounty$109252$25,200BehindSpace$5,474*
#33 - $15,000 After Party$109145$15,000samsungas$3,487
#34 - $500,000 Mystery Bounty Main Event$2502,002$500,000DantonGomes$34,909*

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  • “DantonGomes” crowned 888poker XL Autumn Series Main Event champion.

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