Massive Fields on Day 17 of NACOOP as Main Events are Underway

2023 NACOOP PokerStars

The North American Championship of Online Poker (NACOOP) on the PokerStars US platforms had a banner day on Sunday with the $300 buy-in Main Events, the highlight of the series, attracting huge fields.

While the Main Event received most of the attention — we are even live reporting it here at PokerNews — there was plenty of other NACOOP action, with six additional tournaments running on the PokerStars Pennsylvania (PACOOP) platform, and six more in Michigan and New Jersey on the PokerStars shared liquidity site.

The players in the aforementioned states are joined by Ontario in their quest for a share of some big guarantees – as well as a Vegas Gold Pass, which will send players to the relaunch of the NAPT in Las Vegas before they spend three days at the Oracle Red Bull Racing Fan Experience during the Las Vegas Grand Prix.

The full package is worth $20,030, and it includes:

  • Seat in the $5,300 NAPT Las Vegas High Roller (November 10-12)
  • 3-day pass for two (November 16-18) for Oracle Red Bull Racing Fan Experience in Las
  • 9 nights hotel accommodation for two (November 10-19) at Resorts World Las Vegas,
    including taxes and resort fees.
  • $4,000 towards flights and expenses.

Win a Red Spade Pass to Vegas for the F1 Race Through PokerStars US

Everyone Chasing "amr2002417" in PACOOP Main Event


Day 1 of the PACOOP Main Event took place on Sunday with 877 entrants, creating a prize pool of $245,560. The winner will also receive a $20,000 North American Poker Tour (NAPT) Golden Pass Package to the NAPT stop in Las Vegas at Resorts World next month.

The guaranteed prize pool in the Main Event was set at $245,000, including the NAPT pass, which means yet another PACOOP event surpassed the guarantee. At the end of the session, 39 players were still standing and "amr2002417" held the chip lead. Players will return to action on Monday to play down to a winner, whom will receive $40,807.

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Cherish "despicable_you" Andrews was among the PACOOP winners on Sunday. The World Series of Poker (WSOP) bracelet winner took down Event #83: $2,500 High Roller Championship for $44,872.

In the four other Sunday PACOOP tournaments, the winners were as follows: "JettJett19" (Event #80), "frozenn523" (Event #82), "Thicc Rick" (Event #84), and "$urplusV4lue" (Event #85).

PACOOP Main Event Day 1 Chip Leaders

PlacePlayerChip CountBig Blinds
2Chris "PetCheetah101" Bilinsky15,189,60495
5Alex "Schwibbs1" Schwint12,573,68079

Stanton "Stonniepokes" Tentnowski Continues USCOOP Dominance


Stanton "Stonniepokes" Tentnowski already has two USCOOP titles, and he's going for one more. On Day 1 of the Main Event, he bagged 14,196,028 chips, which puts him in second place with 53 remaining players, barely behind chip leader "olim324" (15,143,581).

There were 1,094 entries in the Main Event of the USCOOP, generating a prize pool (including the Golden Pass) of $354,320, above the $350,000 guarantee. The winner, to be crowned on Monday, is set to receive $52,577.

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The five other champions of USCOOP events on Sunday were: "PhuneeeMuneee" (Event #80), "1WINATATIME" (Event #82), "monkeyman067" (Event #83), "WadeDavenport" (Event #84), and "dmart1234" (Event #85).

USCOOP Main Event Day 1 Chip Leaders

PlacePlayerChip CountBig Blinds
2Stanton "Stonniepokes" Tentnowski14,196,02871
9"Big Chips79"10,418,14852

2023 PACOOP Winners

Sept 15PACOOP #1: $100 Turbo Warm Up, $30K GTD393$36,077"werd3739"$6,571
Sept 15PACOOP #2: $20 Mini Turbo Warm Up, $15K GTD777$15,000"CleggsonGG"$2,546
Sept 15PACOOP #3: $50 8-Game Warm Up, $7.5K GTD187$8,509"Wentzfather2"$1,697
Sept 15PACOOP #4: $30 Hyper Turbo Warm Up, $7.5K GTD387$10,913"NellieKane"$1,978
Sept 16PACOOP #5: $20 Afternoon Warm Up, Progressive KO, $10K GTD539$10,000"shawnpsu14"$705
Sept 16PACOOP #6: $100 Pennsylvania Open Championship, $40K GTD529$48,562"1RUNG00D"$8,094*
Sept 16PACOOP #7: $30 Mini PA Open, $15K GTD751$20,502"pokaroka31"$3,479
Sept 16PACOOP #8: $300 Progressive Big KO, $40K GTD162$45,360"mgt19135"$2,346
Sept 16PACOOP #9: $50 2-7 Triple Draw, $5K GTD137$6,234"Bodybuilder009"$1,308
Sept 16PACOOP #10: $100 Turbo Zoom, 6-Max, $17.5K GTD227$20,839"benton324"$3,065*
Sept 17PACOOP #11: $100 NLHE [Sunday Marathon - PKO Edition], $30K Gtd352$32,313palehorse21$5,506*
Sept 17PACOOP #12: $10 NLHE [Sunday Starter], $5K Gtd624$5,678Bootskinbob$980
Sept 17PACOOP #13: $100 NLHE [Sunday Championship], $100K Gtd1,028$100,000Huggers23$16,330
Sept 17PACOOP #14: $25 NLHE [Mini Sunday Special], $25K Gtd155$25,000BSwg$3,784*
Sept 17PACOOP #15: $500 NLHE [High Roller 6-Max Championship], $100K Gtdd194$100,000TecmoB0wl$19,663
Sept 17PACOOP #16: $100 HORSE, $10K Gtd111$10,189gophertwo$2,291
Sept 17PACOOP #17: $50 NLHE [Sunday Second Chance], $15K Gtd340$15,470Sleevy$2,856
Sept 17PACOOP #18: $50 NLHE [Bounty Builder Adrenaline, Progressive Total KO], $12.5K Gtd350$16,450TJ112298$3,267
Sept 18PACOOP 19: $20 Battle Royale Early Edition, $5K Gtd517$9,409albahrad$643
Sept 18PACOOP 20: $250 NLHE [Battle Royale Championship], $50K Gtd250$58,250redactedcartel$4,548
Sept 18PACOOP 21: $100 PLO8, $15K Gtd146$15,000KennytheRipper$3,148
Sept 18PACOOP 22: $100 NLHE [Freezeout], $15K Gtd163$15,000naveyesu$3,022
Sept 18PACOOP 23: $50 NLHE [Mini Battle Royale, PACOOP Edition], $15K Gtd424$19,292Jesushadgr8abs$1,332
Sept 18PACOOP 24: $75 NLHE [Turbo], $12.5K Gtd211$14,400MrMonkeyJones$2,806
Sept. 19PACOOP 25: $20 NLHE [Bigstack Warmup], $6.5K Gtd551$10,028"bigbolbers"$1,773
Sept. 19PACOOP 26: $200 NLHE [Bigstack Championship], $50K Gtd341$63,426"Farnese x"$11,709
Sept. 19PACOOP 27: $100 NLHE [4-Max, Progressive KO], $25K Gtd349$32,038"sHaAmbLeS"$6,253
Sept. 19PACOOP 28: $50 Stud Hi-Lo, $5K Gtd137$6,234"Brother Justin"$1,207
Sept. 20PACOOP 29: $100 NLHE [Bigstack Storm], $35K Gtd429$39,282"chonkdaddy"$7,051
Sept. 20PACOOP 30: $250 PLO [Pot Limit Omaha Championship], $30K Gtd160$37,280"TryptophanMan"$7,556
Sept. 20PACOOP 31: $50 NLHE [Progressive KO, Freezeout], $8K Gtd258$11,738"Cheten95"$2,220
Sept. 20PACOOP 32: $75 NLHE [Storm Chance Turbo], 10K Gtd208$14,196Casey "superdonkeydave" Hatmaker$2,792
Sept. 21PACOOP Event #33: $500 High Roller Thrill Championship, Progressive KO, $75K GTD165$77,550"mlf5135"$6,463+$10,295
Sept. 21PACOOP Event 34: $100 Bigstack Thrill, Progressive KO, $35K GTD496$45,533"TightisRight570"$3,206+$5,288
Sept. 21PACOOP Event 35: Razz, $5K GTD129$5,866"hunterm708"$1,320
Sept. 21PACOOP Event 36: $30 Mini Thursday Thrill, Progressive KO, $12.5K GTD542$14,797"MikeHawk8790"$3,206+$5,288
Sept. 21PACOOP Event 37: $20 PLO Bounty Builder Adrenaline, Progressive KO, $5K GTD274$5,151"xnbomb51"$401+855
Sept. 22PACOOP Event #38: Bigstack Friday Night Fight, Progressive KO, $30K GTD485$44,523"KennytheRipper$3,083+$4,694
Sept. 22PACOOP Event #39: $200 4-Max Championship, $30K GTD194$36,084"vaysmoney"$5,995*
Sept. 23PACOOP 40: $30 NLHE [Saturday Iron Man], $6K Gtd330$9,009"yonickb23"$1,512*
Sept. 23PACOOP 41: $50 NLHE, $15K Gtd344$15,652"Wentzfather2"$2,889
Sept. 23PACOOP 42: $50 NLHE [Progressive KO], $15K Gtd451$20,520"DrJordanBelfort"$1,441 + $1,445
Sept. 23PACOOP 43: $100 NLHE [Deepstack Championship], $30K Gtd390$35,802"money87mesk"$6,520
Sept. 23PACOOP 44: $30 NLHE [7-Max, Turbo], $5K Gtd254$6,934"TheSwagWagoon"$1,328
Sept. 24PACOOP 45: $50 NLHE [Half Price Marathon], $15K Gtd407$18,518"MICHAEL SCARN3"$3,272
Sept. 24PACOOP 46: $10 NLHE [Sunday Starter], $5K Gtd608$5,532"JohnDocHoliday"$971
Sept. 24PACOOP 47: $200 NLHE [Sunday Special Championship], $125K Gtd744$138,384"mbw2388"$23,481
Sept. 24PACOOP 48: $30 NLHE [Mini Sunday Special], $25K Gtd940$25,662"mazikkkk77"$4,265
Sept. 24PACOOP 49: $1,000 NLHE High Roller $100K Gtd139$132,050"Vertimax"$11,664*
Sept. 24PACOOP 50: $100 PLO [5-Max], $15K Gtd190$17,442"TryptophanMan"$2,756
Sept. 24PACOOP 51: $50 NLHE [Bounty Builder Adrenaline], $10K Gtd342$16,074"NellieKane1"$1,214*
Sept. 25PACOOP 52: $100 NLHE [Bigstack Battle Royale], $25K Gtd356$32,681"tbabyok"$5,405.85*
Sept. 25PACOOP 53: $200 NLHE [Freezeout Championship], $20K Gtd135$25,110"fan_buzgon"$5,270.72
Sept. 25PACOOP 54: $30 NLHE [Turbo Royale], $10K Gtd434$11,828"mbw2388"$2,117.50
Sept. 25PACOOP 55: $20 NLHE [3-Max Arenaline], $5K Gtd326$6,129"soccerdad29"$1,143.89
Sept. 26PACOOP 56: $20 NLHE [Tuesday Warm Up], $5K Gtd427$7,771"greg717pa"$1,395.73
Sept. 26PACOOP 57: $100 NLHE [Progressive Mini KOs], $35K Gtd385$35,343"damanwitdaplan"$5,696
Sept. 26PACOOP 58: $500 NLHE [High Roller Super Tuesday Championship], $75K Gtd143$75,000"PokerkingAAfold"$15,585.34
Sept. 26PACOOP 59: $200 NLHE [Turbo], $35K Gtd172$35,000"shalohaze"$7,051.60
Sept. 26PACOOP 60: $50 PLO [Progressive KO], $10K Gtd234$10,647"Kevin Cucumber"$1,860
Sept. 26PACOOP 61: $75 NLHE [5-Max, Turbo], $15K Gtd185$15,000"TheDirtyLenny"$2,416.15
Sept. 27PACOOP 62: $20 NLHE [Storm Warm Up], $5K Gtd408$7,425"spycatcher99"$1,346
Sept. 27PACOOP 63: $50 NLHE [Freezeout], $7.5 Gtd209$9,510"src192"$1,854
Sept. 27PACOOP 64: $250 NLHE [Storm Championship], $50K Gtd214$50,000Jessie "Mufftetus"Barbin$9,832
Sept. 27PACOOP 65: $100 NLHE [The Classic, 9-Max], $30K Gtd331$30,386"TiltedMachine"$5,211*
Sept. 27PACOOP 66 : $30 NLHE [4-Max, Turbo], $6.5K Gtd328$8,954Justin "JustinLett" Lett$1,675
Sept. 28PACOOP 67: $50 NLHE [Nightly Stars, 7-Max Edition]401$18,246Steve "MrShikadance711" Ahern$3,327
Sept. 28PACOOP 68: $250 NLHE [Thursday Thrill Championship], $50K Gtd284$66,172"Gut Shot G0"$5,081+$3,612
Sept. 28PACOOP 69: $100 NLHE [Turbo Thrill], 25K Gtd304$27,907"CL911129"$2,105+$3,265
Sept. 28PACOOP 70: $50 NLHE [Total Progressive Knockout, 3-Max], $5K Gtd303$13,788"MoscowMueller"$3,095
Sept. 29PACOOP 71: $75 NLHE [Nightly Stars, Bigstack Edition], $15K Gtd341$23,273"Bulletproof122"$4,297
Sept. 29PACOOP 72: $300 NLHE [Last Man Standing], $30K Gtd103$30,000"JoeyBets68"$12,456.25
Sept. 29PACOOP 73: $30 NLHE [Mini Last Man Standing], $10K Gtd456$12,449Dean "BDGEJLM" Morrow$4,245.03
Sept. 29PACOOP 74: $100 NLHE [Heads Up Championship, Zoom, Progressive Total KO], $17.5K Gtd221$20,288"benton324"$5,320.07
Sept. 30PACOOP 75: $50 Fixed Limit O8, $3.5K Gtd95$4,322"blowincome88"$1,032
Sept. 30PACOOP 76: $50 NLHE [Classic, 9-Max], $12.5K Gtd395$17,972"tedz175"$3,257
Sept. 30PACOOP 77: $200 NLHE [Main Event Preview], $40K Gtd268$49,848"Lachoy14"$8,163*
Sept. 30PACOOP 78: $50 NLHE [Turbo Trainer], $17.5K Gtd353$16,061"dbrinker"$2,965
Sept. 30PACOOP 79: $20 NLHE [Heads-Up, Zoom, Progressive Total KO], $6K Gtd425$7,735"22EPL"$1,345
Oct. 1PACOOP 80: $100 NLHE [PACOOP Marathon], $30K Gtd327$30,018"JettJett19"$5,619
Oct. 1PACOOP 81: $300 NLHE [Main Event, 2-Day], $250K Gtd ($225K + NAPT Golden Pass Package)877$245,560 $40,807
Oct. 1PACOOP 82: $50 NLHE [Mini Main Event], $50K Gtd1,026$50,000"frozenn523"$8,165
Oct. 1PACOOP 83: $2,500 NLHE [High Roller Championship], $150K Gtd70$166,250"despicable_you"$44,872
Oct. 1PACOOP 84: $100 NLHE [Sunday Second Chance], $20K Gtd269$26,294"Thicc Rick"$4,712
Oct. 1PACOOP 85: $100 NLHE [Bounty Builder Adrenaline], $17.5K Gtd211$20,045"$urplusV4lue"$1,622

2023 USCOOP Winners

Sept 15USCOOP #1: $100 Turbo Warm Up, $35K GTD499$45,808"Jkin231"$8,143
Sept 15USCOOP #2: $20 Mini Turbo Warm Up, $17.5K GTD1,056$19,219"thepescis1"$2,486*
Sept 15USCOOP #3: $50 8-Game Warm Up, $7.5K GTD247$11,239"DIAL514"$2,172
Sept 15USCOOP #4: $30 Hyper Turbo Warm Up, $10K GTD630$17,766"TheScreamMask"$2,842*
Sept 16USCOOP #5: $20 Afternoon Warm Up, Progressive KO, $12K GTD601$12,000"WarrenBluffet44"$910+$1,078
Sept 16USCOOP #6: $100 The Open Championship, $50K GTD654$60,037"kfitz28"$8,579*
Sept 16USCOOP #7: $30 Mini Open, $20K GTD998$27,245"PIMP SWIVEL"$4,455
Sept 16USCOOP #8: $300 Progressive Big KO, $50K GTD186$52,080"LetsGoGlobal"$2,631 + $12,256
Sept 16USCOOP #9: $50 2-7 Triple Draw, $5K GTD143$6,507"mangocoin"$1,366
Sept 16USCOOP #10: $100 Turbo Zoom, 6-Max, $20K GTD269$24,694"rkellyishere"$4,320*
Sept 17USCOOP #11: $100 NLHE [Sunday Marathon - PKO Edition], $35K Gtd423$38,831248donkey$6,348*
Sept 17USCOOP #12: $10 NLHE [Sunday Starter], $6K Gtd932$8,481usd1$1,410
Sept 17USCOOP #13: $100 NLHE [Sunday Championship], $130K Gtd1,392$130,000Rickwon574$20,185
Sept 17USCOOP #14: $25 NLHE [Mini Sunday Special], $30K Gtd1,498$34,079Vokey1224$5,229
Sept 17USCOOP #15: $500 NLHE [High Roller 6-Max Championship], $100K Gtd199$100,000dankecomwieder$18,087*
Sept 17USCOOP #16: $100 HORSE, $10K Gtd119$10,924JWG_In_NJ$2,281*
Sept 17USCOOP #17: $75 NLHE [Sunday Second Chance], $20K Gtd391$26,685cloucas$4,860
Sept 17USCOOP #18: $50 NLHE [Bounty Builder Adrenaline, Progressive Total KO], $15K Gtd419$19,693xBlackout16$3,965
Sept 18USCOOP 19: $20 Battle Royale Early Edition, $6K Gtd659$11,993.00Prometheused$789
Sept 18USCOOP 20: $250 NLHE [Battle Royale Championship], $60K Gtd307$71,531DavidKayePoker$5,510
Sept 18USCOOP 21: $100 PLO8, $17.5K Gtd209$19,186OJLimpsinnnn$3,765
Sept 18USCOOP 22: $100 NLHE [Freezeout], $17.5K Gtd267$24,510ShrimplyPibs$4,677
Sept 18USCOOP 23: $50 NLHE [Mini Battle Royale, USCOOP Edition], $17.5K Gtd510$23,205Stak62$1,586
Sept 18USCOOP 24: $75 NLHE [Turbo], $17.5K Gtd290$19,792jdrisco6$3,752
Sept. 19USCOOP 25: $20 NLHE [Bigstack Warmup], $7K Gtd788$14,342"RNGesusSaves"$2,434
Sept. 19USCOOP 26: $200 NLHE [Bigstack Championship], $60K Gtd429$79,794Benji "OtB_RedHeron" Felson$12,926*
Sept. 19USCOOP 27: $100 NLHE [4-Max, Progressive KO], $30K Gtd375$34,425"pinksquirrel7"$5,891
Sept. 19USCOOP 28: $50 Stud Hi-Lo, $5K Gtd133$6,052"ElGlasses"$1,173*
Sept. 20USCOOP 29: $100 NLHE [Bigstack Storm], $45K Gtd573$52,601"jglman0126"$9,279
Sept. 20USCOOP 30: $250 PLO [Pot Limit Omaha Championship], $30K Gtd211$49,163"G00BER_H0TLINE"$9,647
Sept. 20USCOOP 31: $50 NLHE [Progressive KO, Freezeout], $10K Gtd357$16,244"Kuan28837"$2,725
Sept. 20USCOOP 32: $75 NLHE [Storm Chance Turbo], 12K Gtd285$19,451""$3,702
Sept. 21USCOOP Event #33: $500 High Roller Thrill Championship, Progressive KO, $80K GTD166$80,000"EarnhardtFan59"$6,854+$10,773
Sept. 21USCOOP Event #34: $100 Bigstack Thrill, Progressive KO, $45K641$58,844"Dude the Dude 80"$3,986+$4,125
Sept. 21USCOOP Event #35: Razz, $5K GTD159$7,235"bbissick"$1,466
Sept. 21USCOOP Event #36: $30 Mini Thursday Thrill, Progressive KO769$20,994"aszaszin3636"$1,382+$1,900
Sept. 21USCOOP Event #37: $20 PLO Bounty Builder Adrenaline, Progressive KO, $6K GTD353$6,636"bbissick"$493+$723
Sept. 22USCOOP Event #38: $100 NLHE Bigstack Friday Night Fight, Progressive KO, $40K GTD586$53,795"rkellyishere"$3,686+$4,724
Sept. 22USCOOP Event #39: $200 NLH 4-Max Championship, $35K GTD252$46,872"thewholefunk"$9,035
Sept. 23USCOOP 40: $30 NLHE [Saturday Iron Man], $7.5K Gtd476$12,994"Hans Neiman"$2,310
Sept. 23USCOOP 41: $50 NLHE, $17.5K Gtd576$25,798"bbissick"$4,561
Sept. 23USCOOP 42: $50 NLHE [Progressive KO], $17.5K Gtd576$26,208"pinksquirrel7"$1,805 + $2,175
Sept. 23USCOOP 43: $100 NLHE [Deepstack Championship], $35K Gtd619$56,824"FoxNinja22"$10,007
Sept. 23USCOOP 44: $30 NLHE [7-Max, Turbo], $6K Gtd391$10,064"Hans Neiman"$1,946
Sept. 24USCOOP 45: $50 NLHE [Half Price Marathon], $17.5K Gtd483$21,976"Rogggggy"$3,907
Sept. 24USCOOP 46: $10 NLHE [Sunday Starter], $6K Gtd854$7,771"RandyLahey SV"$1,297
Sept. 24USCOOP 47: $200 NLHE [Sunday Special Championship], $150K Gtd965$179,490"DavidKayePoker"$29,343
Sept. 24USCOOP 48: $30 NLHE [Mini Sunday Special], $30K Gtd1425$38,902"phillychzsteak"$5,969
Sept. 24USCOOP 49: $1,000 NLHE High Roller $100K Gtd139$132,050Stanton "Stonniepokes" Tentnowski$11,664*
Sept. 24USCOOP 50: $100 PLO [5-Max], $15K Gtd224$20,563"Kingston511"$2,970*
Sept. 24USCOOP 51: $50 NLHE [Bounty Builder Adrenaline], $12K Gtd405$19,035Stanton "Stonniepokes" Tentnowski$1,383*
Sept. 25USCOOP 52: $100 NLHE [Bigstack Battle Royale], $35K Gtd483$44,339"Peeler23"$7,823
Sept. 25USCOOP 53: $200 NLHE [Freezeout Championship], $25K Gtd188$34,968Joseph "Servonious" Cervo$6,937
Sept. 25USCOOP 54: $30 NLHE [Turbo Royale], $12K Gtd558$15,233Daniel "st0neydanza" Dagostino$2,143
Sept. 25USCOOP 55: $20 NLHE [3-Max Arenaline], $6K Gtd480$9,024"rich2579"$1,606
Sept. 26USCOOP 56: $20 NLHE [Tuesday Warm Up], $8.5K Gtd748$13,614"ACSLATER429"$2,311
Sept. 26USCOOP 57: $100 NLHE [Progressive Mini KOs], $40K Gtd497$45,625"JordanTravis13"$7,086
Sept. 26USCOOP 58: $500 NLHE [High Roller Super Tuesday Championship], $85K Gtd206$96,820""$18,882
Sept. 26USCOOP 59: $200 NLHE [Turbo], $40K Gtd257$47,802"urmomislag"$9,220
Sept. 26USCOOP 60: $50 PLO [Progressive KO], $12K Gtd301$13,696Aaldert "aad0906" Oosting$2,821
Sept. 26USCOOP 61: $75 NLHE [5-Max, Turbo], $17.5K Gtd277$18,905"SpittinChiclet"$2,897
Sept. 27USCOOP 62: $20 NLHE [Storm Warm Up], $6K Gtd565$10,283"senor stinks"$1,814
Sept. 27USCOOP 63: $50 NLHE [Freezeout], $10 Gtd305$13,878"jachase1822"$2,631
Sept. 27USCOOP 64: $250 NLHE [Storm Championship], $55K Gtd276$64,308"cloucas"$12,237
Sept. 27USCOOP 65: $100 NLHE [The Classic, 9-Max], $35K Gtd448$41,126Michael "BobMerwald"Bohmerwald$7,333
Sept. 27USCOOP 66 : $30 NLHE [4-Max, Turbo], $7.5K Gtd387$10,565"MrFrigginHappy"$1,932
Sept. 28USCOOP 67: $50 NLHE [Nightly Stars, 7-Max Edition], $20K Gtd576$26,208"jglman0126"$4,626
Sept. 28USCOOP 68: $250 NLHE [Thursday Thrill Championship], $70K Gtd306$71,298"vrybroke"$5,474+$6,290
Sept. 28USCOOP 69: $100 NLHE [Turbo Thrill], 30K Gtd360$33,048Brian "s3lfreliance" Wood$2,434+$3,621
Sept. 28USCOOP 70: $50 NLHE [Total Progressive Knockout, 3-Max], $6K Gtd303$13,787"Rog57169"$2,451
Sept. 29USCOOP 71: $75 NLHE [Nightly Stars, Bigstack Edition], $20K Gtd513$35,012Brian "s3lfreliance" Wood$6,224
Sept. 29USCOOP 72: $300 NLHE [Last Man Standing], $40K Gtd129$40,000"JordanTravis13"$17,838
Sept. 29USCOOP 73: $30 NLHE [Mini Last Man Standing], $12K Gtd591$16,134"ChipzNCheeze"$5,792
Sept. 29USCOOP 74: $100 NLHE [Heads Up Championship, Zoom, Progressive Total KO], $20K Gtd252$23,134Jerrad "bbissick" Pawar$4,428
Sept. 30USCOOP 75: $50 Fixed Limit O8, $5K Gtd120$5,460"xxx_KenDoG_xxx"$1,277
Sept. 30USCOOP 76: $50 NLHE [Classic, 9-Max], $15K Gtd550$25,298"rkellyishere"$4,467
Sept. 30USCOOP 77: $200 NLHE [Main Event Preview], $50K Gtd372$69,192Benji "OtB_RedHeron" Felson$12,601
Sept. 30USCOOP 78: $50 NLHE [Turbo Trainer], $20K Gtd521$23,705"TTV JThrzz"$4,191
Sept. 30USCOOP 79: $20 NLHE [Heads-Up, Zoom, Progressive Total KO], $7.5K Gtd602$10,956"RunsDeep84"$1,548
Oct. 1USCOOP 80: $100 NLHE [USCOOP Marathon], $35K Gtd461$42,319"PhuneeeMuneee"$7,599
Oct. 1USCOOP 81: $300 NLHE [Main Event, 2-Day], $350K Gtd ($325K + NAPT Golden Pass Package)1,194$334,320 $52,576
Oct. 1USCOOP 82: $50 NLHE [Mini Main Event], $60K Gtd1,513$68,841"1WINATATIME"$10,489
Oct. 1USCOOP 83: $2,500 NLHE [High Roller Championship], $150K Gtd72$171,000"monkeyman067"$46,154
Oct. 1USCOOP 84: $200 NLHE [Sunday Second Chance], $35K Gtd236$43,896"WadeDavenport"$7,398*
Oct. 1USCOOP 85: $100 NLHE [Bounty Builder Adrenaline], $20K Gtd299$28,405"dmart1234"$2,206*

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"Hans Neiman" Wins Two NACOOP Titles in the Same Day "Hans Neiman" Wins Two NACOOP Titles in the Same Day