Get Rich Playing Jackpot Sit & Go at PKR Poker

PKR Poker

If you are looking for a place to win big money against soft competition using award-winning software, look no further than PKR Poker.

Thousands of recreational players flock to play at PKR Poker due to its very social atmosphere and great promotions. One promotion running all the time is the lottery-style, three-max, hyper-turbo tournaments called Jackpot Sit & Go.

Entry to these games are affordable for everyone; the prize pool is randomly determined before the game begins. These types of games are available at other sites as well, however, what makes PKR truly special is that you can win a huge jackpot on top of the standardized prizes.

For example, if you are playing in a €1 Jackpot Sit & Go, not only can you be playing for the maximum €2,500 prize pool, but you could also be awarded a huge progressive jackpot that keeps going up. This is the same for all the buy-ins for Jackpot Sit & Go tournaments, including the €50 where the prize pool can be as high as €125,000, plus a progressive jackpot.

As of right now, the jackpot stands for the highest game at almost €320,000 on top of a standardized prize of €125,000. We bet regardless of how rich you might be, this would be life-changing money for you.

Another great reason to choose to play Jackpot Sit & Go at PKR Poker instead of similar games elsewhere is that the rake is very low at only five percent (plus another 0.85 percent toward the progressive jackpot). As far as we know, this is the lowest rake available for lottery-style sit & go tournaments anywhere online.

Need an Account?

If you aren't already playing at PKR Poker, read on. Just by creating your free PKR Poker account through PokerNews, you will instantly be awarded six weeks worth of freerolls where you can win a share of €1,000 each and every week. In case you were wondering, this is without even needing to make a deposit.

When you are ready to make a deposit, be sure to use our special bonus code '200PKR' to get your hands on a huge 200 percent bonus up to €600. This bonus is fairly easy to clear and should give your bankroll a boost.

  • The progressive jackpot in Jackpot Sit & Go at PKR Poker stands at over €320,000!

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