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Natural8’s $8.7 Million April Giveaway

Natural8 April Promotions

Earn Your Share of $8.7 Million This April!

Apart from the GG Spring Festival, which will offer the biggest series guarantee in the history of online poker, there are a number of other promotions to look forward to on Natural8. A leading skin on the GGPoker Network (GGPN) and Asia's largest online poker room, Natural8 will be giving away $8.7 million in promotions this month. There will be something available for every player - no matter their bankroll.

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Natural8-Exclusive Promotions

All existing Natural8-exclusive promotions will continue, with some minor tweaks to celebrate the launch of GG Spring Festival (GGSF) happening from April 4 to 25.

The first is an $8 Instant Deposit Bonus that will be available to all new players. All they have to do is deposit a minimum of $10. Players who are making a deposit for the first time will also be eligible for the First Deposit Bonus.

With this First Deposit Bonus, players can choose between the 200% match bonus (up to $1,000) or $100 in instant rewards (which includes $65 in Spin & Gold tickets). For a chance at these, players have to complete the daily AoF Challenge. By completing it six days in a row, $20 in cash will be credited to their account along with a $15 GGMasters Satellite ticket.

The Natural8-exclusive freerolls will also continue to take place, but will now award GGSF tickets (worth up to $80) for most of the month. Available freerolls include the First Deposit Freeroll, VIP Club Freeroll, Hourly Freerolls and GGMasters Freeroll.

And if a Natural8 player wins the GGSF Main Event-H $1,500 NLHE Event, they can look forward to a huge $50,000 LiveX sponsorship. This sponsorship will include a 12-month ambassadorship with Natural8, $15,000 Las Vegas package as well as $35,000 in live event sponsorships.

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Daily Cash Game Leaderboards

All cash game grinders will be pleased to know that the daily leaderboards will continue, offering the same great value as before. In fact, the Omaha leaderboards have even increased their offerings by $5,000 daily. This is a result of the new PLO-5 game type, which has just been released and will also offer its own leaderboard.

  • Rush & Cash: $40,000 Daily Leaderboard
  • Hold’em: $20,000 Daily Leaderboard
  • Omaha: $25,000 Daily Leaderboard
  • Short Deck: $10,000 Daily Leaderboard

The fast-fold variant Rush & Cash continues to dominate with $40,000 up for grabs daily throughout the month. There will be both Omaha and Hold'em stakes from $0.01/$0.02 all the way up to $1/$2. Players can also look forward to the random cash drops, which can further boost their bankroll.

For regular Hold'em and Omaha players, the daily leaderboards remain at $20,000 each in total prizes. 6+ Hold'em (also known as Short Deck) will also pay out $10,000 in daily prizes across all available stakes. The regular cash game tables too offer a jackpot promotion in which you can score big paydays.

All points on the Rush & Cash tables continue to be earned via action clicks, while all other games will be based on raked hands. During Happy Hour (06:00 - 07:59 UTC 0), players will also earn between 1.5x to 2x the points

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All-in or Fold Promotions

The All-In or Fold tables combine regular cash game tables with jackpot prizes, and players will have 20 hands to complete any line of four on the AoF Bingo card. Players who complete 100 hands per day at any stake will also receive one full buy-in credited straight to their account.

This promotion is available for both No-Limit Hold'em and Pot-Limit Omaha. The decisions for the former take place preflop, while four-card aficionados can decide to push or fold on the flop.

Available Stakes:

  • AoF Omaha: $0.10/$0.20, $0.20/$0.40, $0.50/$1, $2/$4, and $5/$10
  • AoF Hold'em: $0.05/$0.10, $0.10/$0.25, $0.20/$0.50, $0.50/$1, $1/$2, $2/$4, $5/$10 and $10/$20

Both game types also offer super high stakes action. For Hold'em, these are played at limits of $100/$200 while the highest Omaha stake is at $50/$100.

Spin & Gold Awaits With Big Jackpots and Daily Leaderboards

Natural8 will continue to offer time-limited Spin & Gold jackpot SNGs, with a boosted maximum payday of up to $2 million! That's the amount up for grabs in the $100 buy-ins, while three further stakes will potentially lead to a seven-figure prize.

Boosted Spin & Gold Jackpots:

  • $1 buy-in ($100,000)
  • $10 buy-in ($1,000,000)
  • $50 buy-in ($1,000,000)
  • $100 buy-in ($2,000,000)
  • $200 buy-in ($1,000,000)

The new $200 high-stakes Spin & Gold will run for the second month, and daily leaderboards continue to offer $50,000 in prizes spread across all available limits. There are nine different buy-ins available, starting from as low as $0.25. The lowest buy-in tier will award $724 daily for up to 250 players, while the high-stakes $200 tier will grant $15,000 in cash prizes for up to 10 grinders.

Flip & Go Daily Leaderboards

Flip & Go tournaments have become a popular addition to the overall schedule and take place every half hour. There are four stakes available: $0.05, $0.50, $3 and $20. Up to eight stacks can be purchased for each event and bonus stacks during the flipout stage will be up for grabs. Among the combinations to increase your chances for success are a three-card straight (2x), three-card flush (2x), three of a kind (3x), or a three-card straight flush (4x).

How does Flip & Go work? All participants get dealt three cards and during the flipout stage, everyone has to discard one card. The cards are shown to all players at the table and it is possible to make an educated guess as to which combination may be the most promising.

Once the two cards are selected, the hand proceeds with everyone all-in. The player who wins all the chips will have secured min-cash within a minute. Once all tables have completed their actions, it is business as usual and a winner will be determined as per regular MTTs.

There are also four daily leaderboards - one for each stake, and a total of $5,000 in cash prizes await the most active participants. Players earn points for how many stacks they buy-in with, and for the first flip bonus multiplier.

For example, if you play Flip & Go with eight buy-ins and receive a Straight Flush Flip Bonus, you will get eight points from buy-ins and an extra 32 points for the flip bonus. These 40 points are the maximum a player can achieve in each Flip & Go.

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GGCare and Honeymoon Promotions

Two further popular promotions to continue this month include the GGCare Flipouts and Honeymoon for Newcomers. The daily GGCare Flipout is for all “unlucky” players, who have suffered bad beats, suckouts, or coolers at the tables. The exact formula for how a player qualifies depends on each game type, and a pop-up window will appear to confirm the amount of chips the “unlucky” player receives. All qualifying GGCare hands are also shown on the PokerCraft timeline.

Daily GGCare Flipouts take place 45 minutes after the daily reset, and eligible participants don't even need to be there to earn a portion of C$30,000 in prizes. As it runs as a flipout, play goes on automatically until one player has accumulated all the chips and the top 25% finishers paid.

Last but not least, new players can also opt-in for daily challenges within seven days of signing up. The Honeymoon for Newcomers promotion offers players the opportunity to earn up to $300 over 30 days. Don't worry if you cannot complete them all, as several milestones are available. Prizes include Spin & Gold tickets, cash prizes and tournament dollars (T$).

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