PN Podcast: Cyber Attacks, Airball Down $8 Million & Guest Andrew Lichtenberger Talks Octopi Poker

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On the latest episode of the PokerNews Podcast, Chad Holloway, Connor Richards, and Matt Hansen discuss the recent cyber attacks impacting MGM Resorts, poker players being banned from Australian casinos without explanation, and Soukha Kachittavong winning a second PokerStars Summer Series tournament. Plus, they highlight winners from the PokerStars WCOOP including Parker "Tonkaaaa" Talbot, Espen Jorstad, and Benny Glaser; and share details on Global Poker's new Celebrity Campaign.

Chad then chats with guest Andrew "Lucky Chewy" Lichtenberger, who talks about his new poker venture Octopi Poker, which you can check out at The poker pro also talks about his upcoming poker plans, which will include returning to the Poker Masters looking for another title.

Oh, and we'd be remiss to add that the crew also talks about Nik Airball's reported $8 million downswing, which you can catch at the end of the show.

Listen to those stories and more on the latest episode of the PokerNews Podcast.

Time Stamps

00:23Welcome to the show
01:50How about them Miami Dolphins?
02:55Rounders celebrates 25th anniversary
06:26Sponsor: Global Poker
09:00Cyberattack on MGM Resorts
12:00Poker players being banned in Australia without explanation
16:00Sponsor: WPT Global
18:00Guest Andrew “Lucky Chewy” Lichtenberger joins the show
18:21What is Octopi Poker?
20:50How did Octopi Poker come to be?
23:15Why is now the right time?
23:20The Octopi Poker Advisory Board
24:55How to sign up
25:20How did the name Octopi Poker come about?
27:10Do you plan to play a lot of poker upcoming?
29:25Will you play the Poker Masters?
33:00Soukha Kachittavong wins second PokerStars Summer Series tournament
35:37Tonkaaaa, Espen Jorstad & Benny Glaser among PokerStars WCOOP winners
38:52Sponsor: 888poker
39:36Nik Airball on $8 million downswing

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