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My wife and I have been part of a home game group in the San Antonio area since the Summer of 1992.

Although several members have come and gone since the start of our group, there are approximately 9 core members who have been with us from the beginning. At least 25 others have played with the group over that time period. We currently have 19 players on our email distribution list. The largest number of players who have attended on a given Saturday (our regular play day) this year is 13.

We normally play at my house, but there are 3 other locations where we play occasionally. When the weather permits, we start each Saturday off by firing up the grill around 4:30. After everyone is finshed with their first round of grazing, we get a $2 buy-in No Limit Texas Hold'Em tournament going. Players who are eliminated from the tournament either start another tournament, play Limit Hold'Em, or play dealer's choice variants (check out the Poker Rules page on this site) until approximately midnight.

Our favorite games, besides Texas Hold'Em, are Baseball game variants, Guts games, and Seven Card Stud variants.

At least once per quarter, we start earlier in the afternoon and play a $20 buy-in No Limit Texas Hold'Em tournament before our regular Saturday night games.

Finally, for at least 8 years we have recorded each night's results and compiled a nice statistical summary of those results (using Microsoft Access). At nickel, dime, quarter stakes, victory becomes more a matter of pride and one's position in the stats, than about the money.


I just moved to San Antonio and am looking for some home poker/back room bar / front room bar poker games. I'm 35, single, nice guy. Please email me at Thanks.


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