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Black Friday Still Lingering on a Gray Sunday

poker indictment It was just six short weeks ago that the PokerStars Sunday Million celebrated its fifth anniversary with a tournament for the online ages. An astonishing 59,128 players put up the $215 buy-in -- the most players the event has ever seen -- with $1 million and a shiny new Lambo guaranteed to the winner. Meanwhile, players on Full Tilt Poker were embroiled in Double Guarantee week, and Multi-Entry madness upped the stakes at every stakes. After a tapering-off period, the recent trend of online poker has been a bullish one, but the two largest entities of virtual poker had more far-reaching...

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What you're describing, ddrew2u, is what the government calls money laundering. Those checks and money orders you describe would have to go through a U.S. bank in order for you to collect on them, which puts them under Justice Dept jurisdiction. What you describe is pretty much what Daniel Tzvetkoff was doing, and it led to his arrest and to him working a deal with the Feds to bring down the big three.


Say Pokerstars had a cash window (like a racetrack) in England where you could travel to to pick up your payouts. Sounds perfectly legal for you to pick up your own payout outside the US. Matter of fact you could pick up a Pokerstars money order in England and cash it in in the English bank it was drawn or check cashing store (if they have such) — and reconvert the cash into a money order to send to yourself in the US. No foreign bank account needed — just you in person. No gambling enterprise would be sending a financial instrument to a US bank — that is all the law prohibits AFAIK.

NEXT STEP: Say a player's personal rep goes and does the same thing for him: same legal payout process. Or, suppose, instead, some smart cookie opens a business in the US where they charge players (plural) a fee to travel to Pokerstars cash payougt window in England — or just as legally open the same business in England to act as player pickup rep — to pick up our winnings in cash for us — not working for Pokerstars; working for us — and then send checks or money orders to us in the US. No gambling enterprise would be sending a financial instrument to a US bank — that is all the law prohibits AFAIK.

NEXT STEP: Say Pokerstars sends cash to US players. When I worked as a truckers helper for a Wall Street Bank in the early 1970s we took tons of mail to the Post Office some of which was registered mail containing cash going to South America. I was told that Registered mail must to be signed for by every person whose hands it passes through all the way to the recipient. Pokerstars could send small to medium payouts by registered mail right now. Really large deliveries could be done by armed insured messenger (you might want to make an appointment to meet the messenger in a bank). No gambling enterprise would be sending a financial instrument to a US bank — that is all the law prohibits AFAIK.

Problem solved? I hope this looks as good in the morning as it does at 4AM. :-)


Following the events of 4/15/2011, poker players, now more than ever, need to come together and demand we be heard. We need strong legislation that protects the rights and efforts of all players, from the casual tournament entrant to the consummate professional earning a living online.

We cannot sit quietly and wait for PokerStars, Full Tilt, and the other off shore companies to fight this fight. We need to speak out for our rights as Americans to participate in these competitions both for fun and for profit. Let us be heard. Comment on our posts. We want to hear from you and keep this conversation alive! Join the cause! YOU ARE THE VOICE!

“Like” the page and pass it on. Help us start a national movement. Stay tuned daily and PLEASE COMMENT under our questions tab and participate in the facebook polls. We want to hear from you. A website will follow soon to aid you in contacting your local and state legislators.


The way I understand it., this is not really about our right to play poker in the's more about bank fraud and working outside the lines so to speak. Smaller sites are still taking American players. You can still find a game...........


I think we should refer to that Sunday after Black Friday, Bloody Sunday. If we are going to ripping off names, that one has a nice ring to it also


You can run just about any racket if you give Uncle Sam his cut.


Under the current government regulation you are only obligated to pay taxes in the USA on winnings over $5000. You can also deduct any and all tournament buy ins from your winnings and you only have to pay taxes on the net. This whole thing is about them usurping the 2006 law by masking deposits as other things when it became illegal. It is still illegal to make your own alcohol and sell it without a govt license and permission limiting the number of people that can get into it there is another problem as well .That is that all the states are jumping in saying they want to have control of poker and gambling in their state! This whole thing is a CLUSTERFxxx!!!!! Mark my words!! This is a new battle that will drag out for months and years and years! In the mean time you can live in communist red china or North Korean or Iran and play online poker but here in the land of the ALLEGED free and the brave we get to be banished from poker!


So sad . There are still some sites that offer online poker the key is not to blurt out the name so they dont get shut down. Guess you wont be seeing any logos on this years WSOP broadcast. Hopefully it can be legalized and there will be FulltiltUSA or pokerstarsUSA websites where business can go on as usual but people withdrawing money can have a percentage deducted automatically for the government tax.

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