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Stay Stacked: Vegie Head

Stay Stacked As discussed in the previous edition of Stay Stacked, the typical poker player’s diet on any given game day is usually atrocious, considering the five-minute-per-hour break to grab the quickest, easiest snack possible. I’m sure that after a few months, all of those chips, cookies, slices of cheese or spoonful’s of ice-cream started to catch up, whether on your waistline or on your general health, focus and vitality. I also mentioned that weight gain is the most commonly discussed and perhaps obvious effect a bad diet has, but it’s not all just about the fat and skinny — your game...

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Must have been fun researching this article ... I am going to make every one of those things once I am back from the WPT Prague.

The reality is that few of the poker players I have met are health conscious, some just plain dangerous in a kitchen. Here at the Corinthian Hotel in Prague the near-empty gym is testament that all of the poker players here are sloths content on munching any fatty foods that drift their way avoiding exercise with determination.

That said your article is (hopefully) the first of many similar-themed"good- food" ones because poker players NEED to read them and eat better. The tubby (kinder than mastodon-esque ...) poker player is always sad to see at tournaments, with a great brain wallowing in bad nutrition, usually doing well only because being in your twenties covers a lot of bad nutrition. Without going to Daniel's Negreanu's vegetarianism (a good idea BTW ...), there is healthy middle ground with the first step just jettisoning the junk food ... period.

You don't have to buy a HUROM slow juicer (I did & it is great but it is hard to go wrong with freshly made fruit juices for energy.

"The lucky player is usually the player that knows how much to leave to chance."


Very true words, as always, flintsword! I'm so glad you appreciated my article and I will most definitely be writing more in the future Smile

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