With the announcement of another poker tour (DeepStacks Poker Tour) the Epic League will have to up its game to do well. The exclusive nature of Epic is ill-suited to the democratic nature of poker tournaments driven by large numbers of players that will *never* be on the Epic index. Those players are where the money is and large tournaments are more attractive to advertisers. In any case, time will tell because if High Stakes Poker can be cancelled, Epic cannot be far behind IMHO. Good reporting on the microscopic yet boring changes at the top of the Epic list and the inevitable "Epic List of the Doomed" for those players that Epic's 300 only list ensures that they at tossed to the rail.

I still maintain that having that 300 cutoff is Epic's greatest weakness because every week Epic it goes out of its way to brand a few dozen players as losers. They should wake up and smell the coffee ... Expand the list to 2,000. You would gain 1,700 winners just by doing that and Poker News would have enough data to report on MOVEMENT on the list rather than the bodies Epic toss into the river because they "dared" to be under the arbitrary 300 cap.

"The lucky player is usually the player that knows how much to leave to chance."