There is also the little known but effective "write a letter to yourself" where you write twelve letters to yourself each marked with the last day of the month (Jan. 30th, Feb. 28th, etc) all stamped and ready to go. Each letter you relist your resolutions and what you would say to yourself if you achieve or have not achieved your goal ... both sides. Mail each letter on the last day of the month. For each resolution you achieve you get congratulations every month for the rest of the year. For each that you have not achieved, the letter will give you ideas and encouragement. People find this very positive and reinforcing especially since by February you have forgotten what you wrote in the other months. Write a lot, be effusive with your praise for success and encouraging with specific strategies to achieve the resolutions you have missed.

For example, a missed weight goal in a March letter could have a planned meal/diet plan for the month of April. A missed poker qualification goal could have an order to talk your game over with forum members at Pocketfives (for example).

"The lucky player is usually the player that knows how much to leave to chance."