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Was it a Chip Dump? PokerNews Interviews Drew McIlvain and Seth Palansky

Drew McIlvain During the last level of play on Day 1a of the World Series of Poker Circuit Main Event at Harrah's Tunica, the PokerNews Live Reporting Team was told that Drew McIlvain was disqualified for collusion. In the days following the event, a thread was started on TwoPlusTwo, and Mcilvain himself posted an explanation. We reached out to McIlvain to get the full story, and we also spoke with Seth Palansky, the Vice President of Corporate Communications at Caesars Entertainment, to learn more about the hand in question, and the appeals process. Can you first explain what happened? Drew McIlvain:...

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What you call your friends is one thing, but using seriously offensive racial language to refer to the way you were treated is an awful way to beg for sympathy, Drew...


wow, unbelievable. how can the floorteam be so awful? i mean would a guy who actually chip dumb'd just go to the floor and explain him exactly how he did it? after all, the action didnt went how it was planned by "terry", it wasnt blind v blind, so obivously DM did not act according to a plan.


Chip dumping for a floor person is a judgement call, made to protect the game. Inevitably someone (let's call that person Drew ...) is going to be disqualified close to the line between chip dumping and stupid passivity. Well, you are doing the right thing by getting your story out . As long as you are willing to understand that you are floating close to that thin line between "benefiting from a chip dump" and "letting a player put you in a position where you get disqualified" ... you stand a good chance of getting the benefit of the doubt from Harrahs in the future. make your case. If the ban is lifetime, them make money in other live games and hire a good lawyer to fight to see the evidence that convicted you, because if you are banned for life, it had better be for a real reason and not a random thin call by a floor person.

"The lucky player is usually the player that knows how much to leave to chance."


wow drew. horrible interview. when i first heard about this i felt bad for you but now after this interview i don't. ever heard of talking to an attorney BEFORE you make yourself look guilty. wow can you be more arrogant? you want to be a professional poker player then you should maybe not throw the N word out like its nothing because you have a "few" african american friends & then you use it again later in the interview? wow real smart. you won a ring for $5k in a 75 handed tourney. big deal. you will go nowhere in poker. i'm glad this happened to you.


How could you think there was nothing wrong with the converstaion you had away from the table? Sounds to me like you just figured it would work out for you and that nothing would come of it to negatively affect you. Now you're Mr. Innocent??? Grow up and get a clue.........


you obviously missed a few classes at finishing school.....


you, sir, are a moron. personally i think your explanation is a crock of shit BUT if soon as the guy tables his hand in that situation, im telling the dealer to call over the floor because, at that point, i know this guy was looking to ACTUALLY follow thru on his plan to dump his chips but i have a playable hand and im acting accordingly. inform the floor of the info and let them make a decision. it's a tough situation but you need to protect your ass. otherwise, you know things are gonna get complicated because the scenario looks really suspicious. PS...dropping n-bombs isnt gonna help your case.


Hahaha.....cheating bastard


Moron. Deserves worse than he got. Much worse.


Worst decision ever - the evidence provided above does not constitute collusion. Collusion is the protection of the games integrity and the judgement call should have been made based on the hand played - not hearsay in a one way conversation or possible intent. To make it a 'rule' (I use that term lightly) for players to inform floor staff of a tilted players blabbering is ridiculous. Why stop here? How about a good samaritan in place on the table? As poker players we accept the ruling of casino's and floorstaff without actually asking for questioning the decision or the reasoning behind it. Where is this evidence? Why is the gaming commission not forthright in this matter? Utterly disgusting - reminds me of the guy banned from the Epic Poker League for past crimes outside of the poker table...


In light of all the online scandels and the various methods of cheating in poker. Casino's must protect the integrity of the game! This is why online poker is slowly dying. Full Tilt, AB, and UB have stolen millions from players. Top players have been outed in chip dumping, and other forms of collusion. Every Player should invest in videos on poker cheating, ( Ihave a few myself) not for cheating, but to know when you are being cheated. ) I really don't know if you are innocent or guilty. It may just be bad coinicedence and/or luck. I may have done the same thing. I think clear guidlines must be given to players to protect themselves and their image. I don't know how you can deal with evry scenario possible. But this needs looking into. What if you had won and then there was screams of collusion. That could potentially have been even worse. My point is we now more than ever need to protect our image as poker players for the game. Cheaters as stealers need to be outed from the community with proper evidence. Howard, Chris, and Ray are you reading this.


there's nothing "innocent" about an experienced tournament player (DM) engaging in the kind of conversation with a buddy who was engaging him about dumping his chips. Trying to come off as being naive, or not knowing what the chip dumper was really saying is just being disingenuous.


If Terry was truly going to dump his chips to Drew, why would he do it in a spot where Terry would still have decent equity? After all, preflop edges are not that large and K4s could easily have 35%+ equity against a hand that Drew gets it in with. Would seem better for Terry to shove the river drawing dead than risk potentially taking some of Drew's chips if the two were truly in cahoots, no?

Also, I see some of you criticizing Drew for being ignorant or saying he got what he deserved because he came across poorly in this interview. All I can say to that is if we DQed every ignorant person from WSOP Circuit events, the fields would be pretty damn small.

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