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Utah Gov Signs Anti-Online Gambling Bill; State Opts Out of Any Internet Poker Regulation

Online Poker Utah became the first state to preemptively opt out of any potential federal Internet poker regulation this week when Gov. Gary Herbert signed into law an anti-online gambling bill passed by the state legislature at the beginning of the month. There are other states that have laws on the books against online poker, but it is still possible they could decide to get involved if the game is sanctioned by the country and it is seen that many neighboring states are benefiting. Utah is the first to include language specifically announcing it will not participate in any federally approved Internet...

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good job protecting your people from their rights because of your stupid religious point of view. Seperate church and state, i'm glad you will remain broke.


Not Surprising but Still Alarming

We learned 2 things last week, one was that of the choice of online games to play women prefer playing poker and in fact they may prefer online poker at first over live poker at least until they build their confidence up in the game. The second thing we learned is that the state of Utah wants to Opt Out of any Federal Poker Legislation provided that any legislation that passes will be giving the states the option to Opt Out. This neat little provision is something Arizona Senator Jon Kyl will insist is in any final Federal Poker Bill. There is a serious problem with the Opt Out clauses one it has echoes of States Rights which is basically a code word for the Old Segregationist South. Second given some states past histories to we really want to give states the option of Opting Out. Even though Utah had no past history of racial discrimation it has had a history of discriminating against women and gays. If we start giving the states the option of Opting Out are we then going to giving states the option of Opting Out of A woman’s right to choose if Roe V Wade is overturned and we have to enact Reproductive Rights Act and are we going to let states like Utah opt out Contraception as well. Are we going to let states like Utah Opt Out of The Civil Rights Act of 1964, The Voting Rights Act of 1965? Sure Utah has had a history of being anti gambling and Mississippi, Alabama, and South Carolina have had a history of being fiercely segregationist but we didn't let them Opt Out of Federal Civil Rights legislation if we did what would the purpose of having such legislation in the first place. Here what’s wrong with this picture sure Utah is a state that is dominated by the Mormon Church but it is also a part of the Untied States of America and we are one country not 50 little Banana Republics of Feudal Kingdoms, also do you think California can Opt out of the Federal Prohibition of Marijuana? No. Can Wyoming of Vermont Opt Out of Federal legislation that set the drinking age 21 lowering it back down to 18? No. Point yes Utah is a place where they don’t want you to some, drink , use Contraception of gamble but they also have a highly esteemed brewery known as Uinta Brewing which is known for its Oaked Jacked Imperial Pumpkin Ale which its alcohol content comes in Around 10% abv. Certainly if you can produce high gravity ales in Utah you can have online poker. Also we are talking about repealing a prohibition that has been imposed on the American People not expanding a freedom of a right( OH THANK YOU US GOVERNMENT FOR GIVING ME THE RIGHT TO PLAY POKER) that millions of Americans enjoyed up until recently when the government started prosecuting the online poker rooms and the poker pros who were affiliated with so this is a hard fought battle to restore what was lost and build upon buy 1) Repealing the Unlawful Internet Gaming Enforcement Act of 1986 2.) Passage of a Fair Gaming and Licensing Act and the Consumer PC Protection and Security Act which would a.) Legalize and License internet poker rooms b.) Make sure all Gaming Software would be free of viruses, spyware, and malware and be registered with Norton of Macphee as a computer safe c.) Allow for minimal and nonburdenous taxation as a way to raise revenues and finally and most important d.) Contain no Blackout Period of Opt Out Clause for the States, and allow for all citizens of the United States where ever they are to play against whoever they want without Federal, State, or Local Government interference. And finally we are talking about the internet which I know the state of Utah has wanted to regulate and perhaps outlaw since its inception, the internet that one thing that puts the world at our fingertips and that one thing that brings us all together and brings down tyrannical regimes. So you want to Censure the Internet, HELL NO THERE IS NO WAY WE ARE GOING TO LET YOU DO THAT, STATES RIGHTS MY ASS we are one nation, one people, one constitution were all Americans have the same set of rights regardless of what state they live in.

fighting one small battle in the Governments War on the American People


I dont think the majority rule should apply here. Poker is an individuals game and some of the citizens that want to partake in it should be allowed to do so.The finer points of any argument are easily lost and the tyranny of demagogery is clearly evident to a freedom loving resident. The mega millions lottery is played in over 40 states, are we negligent of international relations that we don't allow world wide internet poker? After all, www. stands for world wide web


yolapavement wrote

good job protecting your people from their rights because of your stupid religious point of view. Seperate church and state, i'm glad you will remain broke.

lol 100% gr8 fruitcake evangelicals


utah is a joke and so is mitt


Living in utah is almost a chore. Always having to abide by rules made by people who just won't make an effort to understand anyone else's point of view. Considering how mormons moved here to get away from being oppressed you would think they would try to not make the same mistake by doing it with the rest of us...

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