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NY Judge Rules Poker is a Game of Skill; Not Illegal Under Illegal Gambling Business Act

Poker Legislation A federal court in New York ruled Tuesday that poker is a game of skill and is not illegal under the Illegal Gambling Business Act. In conjunction with the Justice Department's opinion last November that The Wire Act does not apply to poker, Tuesday's decision backs up what poker players have been saying for the past decade -- that there is no federal law that makes poker illegal. Judge Jack Weinstein of the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of New York made the ruling in a case against defendant Lawrence Dicristina, a New York resident who had previously been convicted of...

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I don't understand why skill game or not is the matter. BET the money golf or chess for playing game result. Is this legal? Of course poker is skill game. I hope remove legal controls any betting. But craps tournament is not accept, poker tournament is OK these is crazy. Law is not logically.


@Celebritypokerj Skill matters. Tournament chess is almost always played for money and is perfectly legal. The better player (meaning the higher rated player) usually wins (though not always). Same with duplicate bridge, although you may get 'unlucky' to draw particularly skillful opponents on a particularly crucial hand. Too many people believe that poker involves 'getting lucky' and do not understand that it is only short-term variance.


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