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Matt Salsberg Wins World Poker Tour Grand Prix de Paris!

Matt Salsberg and the Royal Flush Girls On Day 4 of the World Poker Tour Season XI Grand Prix de Paris, Matt Salsberg, the executive producer of Showtime's Weeds, announced to the table that, "Queens have been good to me." Little did he know that one day later he would reach the apex of his poker career and win a World Poker Tour title holding, you guessed it, two queens. Day 5 of the WPT Grand Prix de Paris began with six very capable players, but only one could be crowned champion. Salsberg was the overnight chip leader with 1,757,000 chips, and the rest of the table looked like this: *Seat | Name | Chips* 1 | Matt...

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As far as poker is concerned, congrats. He got incredibly lucky and that's fair ... there is luck in poker. Dressed in rags to emphasis his rags-to-riches story no doubt. Too bad the guy did not have the class to wear a decent shirt for the televised final table instead of the open sweatshirt bare chest look that would earn him cash if he sat outside. Kudos for the win but the sooner the WPT slaps a dress code on the final table, the sooner we are all spared the "hobo look". Last year's winner, American Matthew Waxman looked good when he won the event.

"The lucky player is usually the player that knows how much to leave to chance."


Hey Flintsword....When I pay $3500- $10,000 TO play in a WPT main event, I dress however I damn please. Sometimes in gym pants and T-shirt, sometimes in a polo.....but Im gonna dress however I please....unless someone else wants to put up my buy-in.

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