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Full Tilt Poker Opens For Play Money; Non-US Players Can View Balances

Full Tilt Poker Full Tilt Poker is set to fully relaunch on Nov. 6, but on Wednesday players were given a glimpse of things to come when the former online poker Goliath opened its doors slightly and allowed players to sit down at the play-money tables, view their balances and even transfer their funds to PokerStars. The news first broke on the popular Two Plus Two forums when the Full Tilt Poker poker room manager, Shyam Markus, posted in the Internet Poker forum that the game software was available for downloading. Markus also posted links to the upcoming Deal Me In promotion and the Edge rewards scheme...

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Such a great feeling once the software loaded


I've been curious since the re-launch was announced, why? I'm having a hard time understanding why anyone in the poker world will trust the name "Full Tilt Poker" anymore. More importnatly, I'm having a harder time understanding why a new poker player, whose only real experience with "Full Tilt Poker" is from news stories on the "Ponzi scheme," will choose to play there. In short, it seems to me that "Full Tilt Poker" is a poker brand that is tainted by a scandal where they TOOK PLAYERS MONEY FOR THEIR OWN USE. Poker may well be a "frontier" in terms of morality, but stealing from players never has, and never will be, an action that players will easily forgive.

Don't get me wrong ... I understand the value of the brand from the perspective of PokerStars as far as the purchase is concerned. The customer base represented by Full Tilt was huge, and those people will tend to play with PokerStars once their accounts are open again, and they will generate significant good-will amongst those players as funds become available. The Tiltware software, I gather, is the best software in the business ... I don't have first hand knowledge of that (and frankly find the PokerStars software generally excellent from a user perspective), but people who are more familiar with the software agree it's the best, and I'm happy to go with that.

So to be clear, I see the value in much of the "assets" of Full Tilt Poker. The user base and the software will have huge value to PokerStars, and so I completely see why they wanted to buy a "Tainted brand" such as Full Tilt. What I can't understand is why they ar keeping the BRAND. The user base could easily have been directed to the PokerStars branded site for play, and the software could easily be re-branded with the PokerStars name and skins. PokerStars COULD have acquired all the assets of Full Tilt, and used them to further their own brand, and I'm mystified why, instead, they'd choose to re-invent a brand that every poker player in the world associates with the phrase "stole player money."

I totally get why PokerStars might want Full Tilt's customer base, and their software. That makes solid business sense. What makes much less sense to me is why they'd keep a name that will be forever associated with fraud over player funds, probably the worst sin a poker site can commit.


Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me? So, tell me again how us US folk are getting our money back? Hym... I think pokerstars is making a mistake to keep FTP skin and name going, it's too tainted IMO. They should name it Full *hit poker or something like that. I'm just saying.

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