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The Nightly Turbo: Brandon Cantu Exacts Revenge, Brian Townsend's Amazing Race, & More

Brandon Cantu How did Brandon Cantu exact revenge on Jon Aguiar this week? We're bringing you that story, plus the latest on former high-stakes poker legend Brian Townsend, in this edition of the Nightly Turbo. In Case You Missed It John Crncic won the inaugural World Series of Poker Circuit River Rock Main Event on Wednesday. Read about his road to victory in our WSOPC recap. Day 2 of the APPT Macau: Asia Championship of Poker wrapped up Thursday. Read the full recap here at PokerNews. In 2007, Lee Childs made the final table of the World Series of Poker Main Event. What's he been up to...

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wow.. a single HU grudge match where you can win nothing but lose 130k... that is one serious -EV play! Is Aguiar narcissistic or something? I mean he must think he is the best HU player in the world to take on that challenge..


@ cheehc - They EACH put up 130k.


so Vanessa Selbst, if you six-bet shove to your "friend", he should know better and fold? sounds a little collusion-y to me. give me a break. proves that if you're thinking, you're playing poker. he's played with you enuff to know your range...44 is right there with A5 (which he put you on), so the guy made an incredible call. dont get all upset because he's your friend, recognize that you might need to change your game against him b/c he's got you TAGGED.


cheehc dont talk about ev when you have no idea about ev in the first place you just end up embarassing yourself, they each put up 130k...lay off the reefer brah


Cantu hit Twitter later in the evening, saying, "This teaches me a lesson that crying and complaining really does work in poker." It does work to identify you as someone immature. Congrats on winning some cash on the side but that said, great job John Aguiar for the bracelet win in the event ... well done and double congrats on the sportsmanship to put $130K on the line just to satisfy an opponent that could not accept defeat with the good grace that real sportsmanship demands.

"The lucky player is usually the player that knows how much to leave to chance."

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