The PPA meeting with the DOJ is like the Association of Liquor Manufacturers meeting with the U.S. government during Prohibition ... the meeting are unlikely to be productive which you can guess by the forest of lawyers present at this "meeting".

The name of the game is the DOJ mission to continue the online poker prohibition in the U.S. because it has been an enormously profitable exercise for the DOJ. Aside from the ludicrously high fines imposed on online poker sites, let's talk about the interest on over $100 million + that the DOJ has pocketed.

U.S. players owed money that belongs to them will eventually get their money ... and as a special present probably get audited, fined, and flagged for the future. The DOJ does not care that they have crippled a major business in the U.S. The DOJ does not care that they have directly driven young poker professionals out of their country of birth. The DOJ is truly a law unto itself in their quest to impose the current online "Poker Prohibition" in the U.S.

Sad really. When you look at the annual fiscal fortune France and Italy are raking in by simply regulating the industry ... the U.S. stance is incomprehensible.

"The lucky player is usually the player that knows how much to leave to chance."