Is anyone really surprised that the DOJ who are at the source of the online Poker Prohibition in the U.S. is slow to act. Even if you discount the annual interest on $200 million that the DOJ is probably pocketing, they are fundamentally against online poker and have unilaterally decided that adult citizens of the U.S. just will not be allowed to play ... period. I am still amazed that people put up with it.

As for the curious case of people with over a million dollars on Full Tilt Poker ... are you serious? For a million dollars they did not move to Vancouver, rent an apartment, change their residence, and become a defacto out-of-US FullTiltPoker player?

If they had done that they would have their money right now so please PokerNews, no sob stories about U.S. online poker players with millions on the site. If they are still waiting it is because they do not want it because a change of residency would have made them Rest-of-the-World players on Full Tilt Poker and they would have their cash.

If they feel they are entitled to their cash while staying in the U.S. ... I agree except the U.S. DOJ has decided that U.S. citizens *will not play online poker* and by holding on to your money they are proving it. Think of the interest on a million dollars over two years ... it is scandalous.

"The lucky player is usually the player that knows how much to leave to chance."