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John Pappas Says U.S. FTP Player Remission Process Won't be a "Speedy Process"

It appears that the remissions process for U.S. Full Tilt Poker funds will take longer than expected -- possibly years. The Poker Players Alliance met with officials from the U.S. Department of Justice Asset Forfeiture and Money Laudering Section on Tuesday. The officials listened but offered no response to the PPA's suggestions from the player community. If there was any takeaway from the meeting, it was that the DOJ has and will continue to move slowly. "I don't want to characterize the meeting as encouraging or discouraging," said PPA executive director John Pappas. "I...

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Years ... so sad. Poker is a quintessential American game. It is a boom industry around the world. The online Poker Prohibition in the U.S. enforced by the DOJ has cause the best and brightest American poker players to flee the states for online success, with many physically moving. Dwan in Macau where the live poker is arguably significantly better than Las Vegas. I wonder if it would make economic sense for Daniel Negreanu to fly out to Macau to play in the cash games there.

The stupidity of the online poker ban in the U.S. is so sad and so wrong.

"The lucky player is usually the player that knows how much to leave to chance."




Total BS! The US GOV STOLE our $$$$$. It is just beyond so sad! I am a single Dad I was able to support my family from ONLINE poker and be home! Now I have to work 3 jobs and am almost never home! I HATE what has happened!

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