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The Nightly Turbo: Doyle Calls for Poker Clock, Reid/Kyl Bill Losing Momentum, and More

Doyle Brunson Is the Reid/Kyl federal online poker bill coming to a halt during the lame duck session? We're covering that story, plus Doyle Brunson's thoughts on a poker shot clock, in this edition of the Nightly Turbo. In Case You Missed It Jonathan Roy won the inaugural World Poker Tour Montreal Main Event on Tuesday. Read about Roy's road to victory in our WPT Montreal recap. Many of poker's best online players never get a chance to shine in the spotlight. We're here to change that. In the latest edition of Online Chat, Jamie “AndTheLawWon” Kerstetter discusses grinding the WSOP Circuit, her...

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Reid-Kyl Billing Faltering: Commentary
The main reason this bill is failing is in its curent state it is not garnering any support from members of both parties, the poker community, the internet community, the financial community and state governments and raises constitutionial and trade war concerns which would be counter productive. And to make matters worse there seems to be a lack of trasparencey or discussion on this bill be many find disconserting.
Some see this poker bill as a government takeover of online poker which is hardley the case,while others more legitimate see this a casino monopoly bill that would start a government trend of protecting corporate monopolies not just in th gaming world but the internet in general stiffling small business growth, which has been the main concern of Doug Walker(The Nostalgia Critic) who points out that most economic growth comes from small business internet start ups not big Hollywood studios, Las Vegas Casinos or Wall Street banks
State Governments oppose this bill because it would hinder there ability to raise revenue and offers no incentive to take part in a national internet gaming. This bill does not address how an internet poker infrastructure is going to be set up and who is going to pay for it and worse any rate of return on state government or federal government investment would be too far into the future and given will be have to reduce the deficit, the national debt and pay for affordable health care act a very unappealing proposition
And then there is the issue of when we would start playing poker online again if this bill were to pass in all of its ingloriousness and that would be in 2 1/2 years depending on what state you live in and assuming there are states that choose to Opt In, and if we are lucky in 5 years you might be able to play on PStars-FTilt, Bwin-Party Poker or 888 Holdings that assuming the EU doesnt lock US Poker Rooms out for us locking EU poker rooms in other word a trade war which could only be resolved through an internationial treaty which would take 2/3 of the US Senate to ratify and all the parliments in Europe to agree on as well, Good Luck on that one.
Finally there the bills coauthor Jon Kyl who didn't really change his position on poker its not like he was against it before he was for it, his position is more like Steve Colberts better Tommorrow Tommorrow; John Kyl position is clear he doesnt oppose online poker tommorrow, he just opposes it today and fear not Senator Jon Kyls position will be the same tommorrow as it is today and the next day after that and the next after that forever and impurpituity


^^^ Wow, thanks. Wish you worked for the LOL PPA, or do you?


i never got why online people take like an average 5 seconds for a decision and live they take 2 minutes to fold 9 high in a 4 way pot...


With the federal government coveting revenue at the moment, an online poker bill should be a no-brainer as it would raise revenue without raising taxes. Perhaps the PPA can walk into Congress and scream "WE HAVE REVENUE!" (just kidding).



The DOJ has imposed an honest-to-God Online Poker Prohibition on the U.S.A. & this multi-billion dollar industry will sail past the U.S. only because the DOJ has never, in its entire history, fleeced so much money from an industry. Don't look for any changes at all in the next few years. The DOJ will keep the entire U.S. in an online poker deep freeze. If you want to play online poker ... go virtually anywhere else in the world ... lol. It is embarrassing really.

Clocks are a good idea but best is to give poker players a total amount of time to play and let them break it up.

"The lucky player is usually the player that knows how much to leave to chance."

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