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PokerNews Op-Ed: The Savageness of Complaining

Allen Kessler I don’t consider myself a complainer. Instead, I’m more the bite-your-tongue and bide-your-time type of guy. However, when I do find it necessary to voice my opinion, I choose my fights carefully and attempt to express my point in the most efficient and respectful way possible. Unfortunately, not everyone takes the same line; in fact, oftentimes I’m left shaking my head at the line some poker players take to get their point across. This past week I saw one such situation unfold when poker pro Allen Kessler, also known as “Chainsaw” and “Complainsaw”, saw fit to register a...

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Kessler is well-known chain-complainer, there is nothing new there. What is new is the fact that he feels like he can ride roughshod over the tournament director, verbally abusing him, and in essence taking on the job of "tournament structure police" for the universe. Ego out of control. In any serious sport, there are penalties for players that abuse the refs and perhaps it is time to force people to follow a polite procedure or get penalized.

Quite frankly, Kessler's knowledge of poker tournament structures is limited to experience. Kessler's perspective on tournament structures is tainted by an acidic self-interest that is even to spectators a little revolting. Matt Savage's encyclopedic knowledge about poker tournaments is easily ten times greater in experience (if not more) from an objective perspective, a professional perspective.

Whining cry-babies deserve only rolled eyes and one listen. Life is too short to waste on the latest "Kessler drama" which goes on and on and on. Twitter and Facebook are great communication tools and they will always be misused by kooks and rabid complainers eager to get on stage.

Matt Savage has every right to un-follow Kessler. Where in the rules does it say he has to listen to Kessler? Some guy verbally abuses you? Cut him off & tell him to go to hell.

Here is the real kicker in this sordid story: "How dumb do you have to be, to go out of your way to piss off one of the top poker tournament directors in the world, when you are (theoretically at least ...) a professional poker player?"

"The lucky player is usually the player that knows how much to leave to chance."


I remember Matt savage from his Lucky chances casino days when he wore glasses. GOOD GUY . He knows what hes doing . Kessler justsounds like a BLEEP /.

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