Not Coming to Online Pokers Rescue: The American Gaming Association Pushes A Bill That Is Bad For The Economy and .
Bad For Poker As Well
I think by now we all know how most people fell about the Reid Kyl Bill simply titled :Internet Gambling Prohibition, Poker Consumer Protection and Strengthening UIGEA Act of 2012, as you can tell I am being sarcastic basically they are fiercely opposed to this bill like myself. If the video by the American Gaming Association was intented to say our opinion in favor of this legislation it failed in fact I am more opposed to this bill now than i was before I saw the video. But this video isn't for skeptics in the real world its for the Senators, Congressmen and the lobbyist who may or may not fund there campaigns depending on how they will vote.
Without going into to much detail here is what I think is wrong with the Reid Kyl Bill and why its a nonstarter from the get go.
1.) Without a national framework online gaming would not expand as fast as the AGA contends and within a period of 4 years you would probably see at most 28 states taking up online gaming mostly selling lottery tickets
2.)This bill would inhibit the states ablility to raise the much needed revenue in order to balance there budgets and pay for healthcare
3.)Under the Reid Kyl bill the states that choose to opt in would only be offering intrastate poker with a very narrow liquidity pool and very few gaming choices
4.)The is a transfer of wealth scheme in which states whose choose to opt in would end up giving their revenue to states like Neveda, California, and New Jersey instead of a revenue sharing model
5.)Infrastructure, we currently have no online poker industry and infrastructure to begin with and without participation from companies like Pokerstars-Full Tilt, Bwin-Party Poker of 888 Holdings setting up such an infrastucture will be very expensive with negative EV in the foreseeable future
6.)Who Pays for the infrastucture then, the Federal Government, the Gaming Corporations, of more likely the taxpayers and who then benefits if the taxpayer pay for it the taxpayer of th Gaming Corporations
7.) This bill creates an online poker monopoly run by the big gaming corporations backed by US taxpayer dollars(more welfare for the rich) and inhibits and prevents startup companies from entering the market, Start Up companies are the main producers of jobs in this country
8.) Online Poker is an enhancement to live poker not a replacement and for any online poker bill to be acceptable it must lead to creating new jobs not eliminating currents jobs.
Online poker was meant to introduce people to the game of poker at minimal cost so people could learn and develope their skills without going broke it was never meant to replace casino poker.
9.) The bills blackout and banishment provisions by locking out poker rooms like Stars, Tilt, Party & 888 and possilbly the professional players who endorsed those sites could be unconstitutional and could also start and international trade war when the world economy least needs one.
10.) History; With his reelection President Obama will look for second term accomplishments and while legalizing online poker could be one of them given is opposition on the Stop Online Piracy Act there is no way he will want to sign a bill titled
Internet Gambling Prohibition, Poker Consumer Protection and Strengthening UIGEA Act of 2012 I dont belive President Obama wants to going in history and signing on Internet Prohibition bill and for this bill in its current form to get the Presidents signature it will have to be titled Internet Gambling Legalization, Licensing, Poker Consumer Proctection and Repeal UIGEA Act of 2012. But it would never passed in Congress, I guess they'll have to work or a real online poker bill