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Five Thoughts: Multiple Reentries at the Bellagio

In August of 2011, after the World Series of Poker Circuit changed all of its main events to a reentry format, I defended the decision. With the poker economy in disarray post-Black Friday, I thought it was a good idea for the WSOP-C to do what it could to increase the prize pools. And that increase is exactly what happened. A few weeks ago, I was fortunate enough to cover the WSOP-C Main Event at Harveys Lake Tahoe. The tournament attracted 416 entrants, which was a 27 percent increase from 2011, and most all of the preliminary events saw an increase in entrants, as well. In fact, Event...

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Unlimited re-entries to $10,000 tournaments favours the rich, not the players. For ordinary poker players qualifying into a $10,000 tournament, unlimited rebuys is just a way to unlevel the playing field in favour of deep-backrolled or well-backed professional players, who will play a little riskier in the first eight levels to try and build a commanding chip stack because they can always throw in another $10K and rebuy in if they go for an open-ended str8 draw all-in and fail to connect. casinos are in favour, sure, because they make more $$. It makes poker less democratic and more importantly hits the base of casual players who will have zero incentive to satellite into a WPT event only to get hosed by poker pros with an incentive and bankroll to play like maniacs against online qualifiers unlikely to rebuy. It is a real edge.

I play WPT satellites on a regular basis, winning a few a year, and can tell you that I am not interested in playing any that are weird rebuys. I am on safe ground saying that most amateurs would agree. Even the poker pros mostly agree, since most view amateurs that earn their way into $10K events as nuisances. More enlightened poker pros like Daniel Negreanu know that the growth of poker depend on a healthy flow of amateur participation.

Rebuys? A greedy casino concession. Like the wine dinner that allows 'some' participants to buy rounds of shots between courses, the restaurant makes extra $$ but at the expense of the wine dinner patrons that paid their $200+ for a pure food & wine experience, who are pissed off at the fact the restaurant is ruining their wine experience by letting the few destroy the ambience.

The pure, democratic level playing field of poker is polluted by pandering to the rich or well-backed.

"The lucky player is usually the player that knows how much to leave to chance."


never liked it.
the prize is bigger but its effect the way people play.
its more like a cash championship Smile



Actually, I like it:
- it makes a 350 entry tournament into a 500 entry tournament.
- it tilts the pros who intend to rebuy. They play a lot sloppier than they would otherwise. I'd rather have six Daniels who are frequently thinking about going back to the window, than one Daniel who is determined to grind his chip stack upwards.

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