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Report: PokerStars Interested in Purchasing Atlantic City Casino to Reenter U.S.

It's been less than two years since PokerStars was forced to exit to U.S. market by the Department of Justice. But the world's leading online poker site is already planning its return to the States. On Thursday, the Wall Street Journal first reported that PokerStars is planning to purchase the struggling Atlantic Club casino in Atlantic City, New Jersey, ahead of the state's legalization of online gambling. PokerStars is reportedly interested in buying the casino from investment firm Colony Capital for around $50 million. The casino would supposedly be the early focus of PokerStars' strategy...

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U.S.Players -> Atlantic City Casino -> Electric Table (set top box) -> Legal Online Gaming Connection -> PokerStars network

Oh excellent idea. Exchange/Payment work on locally spot casino to naturally.




I am wondering how pokerstars can manipulate shuffling machines at tables as well as its software,it seems impossible this time but everything is posssible from them,so bad news for live playersSmile)))


Whn it comes to poker legislation, Bill, New Jersey online poker bill is a good example of what an online poker bill should look lijke by allowing for open competition, setting up an online poker infrastructure without the use of taxpayer funds, by providing players with the best online gaming options available at the lowest cost is a good why govenor Christie should sign this bill into law.
In contrast the Reid Kyl bill which does not allow for open competition, does not address the issue of setting up a poker infrastructure, would be a taxpayer give away to the big casino and would offer the least amount of online gaming options at the most absorbenet cost is a good reason why President Obama should veto the Reid Kyl bill in its current form.
I always like Pokerstars which is the best online gaming room out there and as long as the move to purchase the Atlantic Casino saves jobs in the short run and creats jobs in the long bring pokerstars in is a good deal for both New Jersey and could be a great deal for the US Marker at large
Right now Pokerstars is the only company out capable of providing the US Market with the infrastructure for online gaming it needs at little or no cost. No other company can or is willing to do that without a US government handout that will no doulbt entail taxpayer dollars.
Thats why I think New Jersey is taking the most realistic approach to online gaming why our lawmakers in Washington DC craft bad legislation that is devoid of reality.

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