The MICROs need some basic sponsorship to provide say a year's worth of production by submitting a story line. My worry is that they are so off the wall that they might insist on complete artistic freedom (no plot line) and some outrageous monetary payment totally out of sync with reality. If they accept reasonable cash for a year executing a plot line approved by the sponsor, in a year they will have a lot more fans and be in great position to ask for more $$, like any reasonable business.

How much money should they ask for? Well, how much would it cost PokerStars to hire four good graphic designers, an animation expert, and a writer that plays poker? That is the base cost. Add expertise and current fan base to maybe double that and voila ... you have your starting price. Get greedy now and you do not get the sponsor you want.

As for Victor Blom crushing Dwan for $200K ... looks like maybe Dwan is working on a nine-figure poker bankroll playing in Macau but not keeping sharp enough to deal with the young, improving European poker experts. The young U.S. poker experts cannot hone their skills online because the U.S. DOJ has grounded them (forever).

"The lucky player is usually the player that knows how much to leave to chance."