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Report: Efforts to Pass U.S. Federal Online Poker Bill in 2012 Expire

Federal efforts to pass Internet poker legislation during the lame-duck session of Congress have expired, perhaps ending the last chance for federal regulation before the states take on online gambling. David Krone, chief of staff for Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.), told the Las Vegas Review-Journal that the Senator had “run out of time” on his push to establish licensing and regulation of Internet poker in 2012. Krone indicated that Reid would try again next year but didn't seem optimistic. “Our goal is to definitely try again next year but Senator Reid's feeling is that...

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I"m bummed


Expired? Sen. Reid wasn't pushing anything. Fact is when he was told by a reporter that there was Republican support for Reid/Kyl a couple days ago, his immediate and unrehearsed response was. "what the hell would I put it on", a statement that shows he was unprepared and had no intention of trying to get anything passed regarding online poker this year. He really has only ever succeeded in using the issue for his own Political tactics and couldn't care less about the issue outside of it's value as a tool to paint Republicans as the bad guys. He has made suckers of the poker community over and over.


Don't be bummed. This bill was never about legalizing online poker anyway. It was a trojan horse.


Don't get all bummed out until the overwhelming majority of congressmen/women and senators are away for the holidays. The federal online poker bill is left with but a chip and a chair... though it's not over until you abandon your seat. Smile


Trying to attach an Online Poker another piece of legislation was always an unrealistic and wrongheaded approach to take since the issue like was always too big to begin with, and like the affordable care has to pass or fail on its own merits.
Trying to attach a Federal Online Gaming Bill on any last minute legislation would be like trying to tow an 18 Wheel Tractor Trailer with a Smart Car or a Scion IQ
The Reid Kyl bill also had to many nonstarters most notibly the Pokerstars Fulltilt banishment for 5 years. Pokerstars/Tilt is just simply too big to banish just like HSBC bank was too big to prosecute for numerous violations of federal law and conservatives feared that this would obivously lead to a political and legal assault on large international corperations like AB-In Bev and moderates and liberals also fear that such actions would threaten the global economy and possilby throw is another recession or worse.
We do need a federal online gaming bill one that allows for free competetion, fair taxation, and generates revenue for both the states and federal government and we need one that will have an infrastructure that will be ready by January 1 2014 which is when all the big legislation like the affordable care act go into effect or we could be faced with a liquidity and equity crisis and without an federal online poker infrastucture the gaming industry and states like Neveda, California, and New Jersey will go broke and Wall Street wont be far behind since many poker players are stockbrokers who use the poker bankrolls to make investments in the market.

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