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The Nightly Turbo: Boyd Selling Bracelet, Boeken Joins MyPokerSquad, and More

Dutch Boyd has become the latest player to auction off poker hardware online. Unlike Peter Eastgate however, this money doesn't appear to be going to charity. Check out how much Boyd is looking for and more in this edition of The Nightly Turbo. In Case You Missed It: Viktor Blom dropped $224,000 online this week. Find out who prospered and who didn't on the virtual felt in this week's edition of The Online Railbird Report. Joseph Cheong sat down with our own Pamela Maldonado in our latest edition of Off the Felt. Find out the most ridiculous prop bet Cheong has ever made and more here...

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MyPokerSquad looks interesting. If they threw in some training videos and offered one-on-one poker training each month for the backer that did not win anything ... the idea could really gain traction. Note that this is mostly a European thing, as the entire U.S. market is increasingly being dismissed and frozen out of the multi-billion-dollar-per-year online poker industry globally by the Online Poker Prohibition put in place by unelected officials of the U.S. DOJ. Staking top players is becoming an interesting niche market, led of course by

It is interesting to see more B&M casinos joining the fight to get into the online industry because they know they are totally missing the boat whereas the DOJ just (understandably) wants to keep fleecing the industry via their Online Poker Prohibition.

At long, long last the GPI is moving towards a more democratic model by becoming more mainstream and less elitist. This common sense move has only come about with the new (more intelligent) ownership of the GPI. Are the new owners smart enough to launch the "GOPI" and be first with the "Global Online Poker Index"? By partnering with either pocketfives or bluff they could launch it pretty quickly but the clock is ticking. This is not a new idea and only a few players could do it and pump the necessary money in to make it work. PokerNews could do it .

"The lucky player is usually the player that knows how much to leave to chance."


Selling a WSOP bracelet is completely nuts, of course. Hopefully an online poker site will buy it and hold it until Boyd can buy it back, as a public relations move. Pretty clearly Dutch Boyd needs cash, not an unusual situation for professional poker players.

Lindgren has a few bracelets (2008 WSOP & a bunch of WPT bracelets) and if he were to sell them with the written proviso that he has the right to buy them back for the same amount of money + interest + two week intensive poker training ... I think a ton of people would bid like wild animals just to help him out. The cash would go to his creditors and everyone wins.

"The lucky player is usually the player that knows how much to leave to chance."


way to call or rat out Dutch Boyd


flintsword — I like the idea behind the Global Online Poker Index you bring up. I've thought of something like this as well previously, and believe it would be great for poker. I think it'd be great for the game to eventually have a GPI Player of the Year, a GOPI Player of the Year and then an overall Player of the Year with combined scoring from both. Winning all three would essentially be the true Triple Crown in poker.

On the Dutch Boyd bracelet, remember that this is not a WSOP bracelet. It is a bracelet he won at the Bellagio for an event there. They no longer give out these bracelets, but instead award trophies to the winner. Personally, I don't see why other tours outside of the WSOP award bracelets. Give a trophy or something else, but not a bracelet. If I was running a tour, I'd want to be unique and not seen as a copy cat to the WSOP. In the WSOP's eyes, imitation can be seen as the highest form of flattery, but no bracelet is a bracelet in poker unless it's a WSOP bracelet.

Time and time again you see poker players putting things up for sale or begging for tournament buy-ins when they've earned millions playing the game in the past. It happens much too often, and more players need to be bankroll conscious.

From the Sports Illustrated Vault: 78% of former NFL players have gone bankrupt or are under financial stress because of joblessness or divorce by the time they have been retired for two years, and within five years of retirement, an estimated 60% of former NBA players are broke. Who knows what these stats would yield if someone focused on the poker industry, but the common fan would be massively, massively surprised how many players are actually broke and not living the life of glamor that is so often portrayed on TV.

It looks very bad on the industry as a whole, and more players need to take better control. The more money in poker, the more the game will continue to flourish. It's not going to flourish when players are constantly financially irresponsible time and time again.


Don - The GOPI is completely logical, glad to see you as interested. Having strictly a number is - in my honest opinion - not the best way to go. The structure and format developed by pocketfives, where badges are earned as well, would be a very welcome addition to not only a future GOPI, but also the GPI. Thinking about it, a badge that denotes the money you win, the triple crown live, the triple crown online, WSOP bracelets, etc would add texture to the ranking and provide content for the news side of the industry. The index becomes less of arbitrary number and more of a global scorecard. More importantly, even when someone drops down the list and his GPI number suffers, he still has the badges which record his or her achievements.

This means that even though a great or older poker player may find himself, say, 1,000 on the list, the badges still elevate the player. Getting Pocketfives as a partner in forming the GOPI would be a smart move IMHO.

I understand your point about the Bellagio bracelet, it is just a trophy as well as jewelry, and of course Dutch Boyd is well within his rights to sell it. You are also aware that Ebay had a 2006 WSOP bracelet for sale at the same time ( sold for $6,500 in July 2012. Now Dutch Boyd did win a WSOP bracelet in 2006, for the $2,500 Short-handed No Limit event (as well as $475,000+ ...) This bracelet was not identified as his but it is not a stretch to make a good guess in this case.

You are of course completely right about the stats on NFL players, pro sports figures in general, and by extension anyone that comes into a lot of money fast (such as lottery winners). Just because you can make a lot of money it is no guarantee that you can manage it well. I am a serious business guy so managing money is second nature to me. It is a problem and perhaps an article by a professional money manager, say with KPMG, on what would be a good general strategy for a young poker player that suddenly wins $100,000 would be a fun article.

Considering the fact that currently governments are using poker site statistics to hunt down various players for taxes an article on what is the best tax-country in Europe to reside in would also be a dynamite article.

"The lucky player is usually the player that knows how much to leave to chance."

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