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Online Poker Lobbyists Will Shift Focus from Federal to State-by-State Platform in 2013

Ever since the movement for legalized online poker grew out of the threat from the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act six years ago, the poker lobby's focus has been to obtain regulation at the federal level. This focus will change in 2013 as the future of online poker in the U.S. moves to a state-by-state basis. The state race is already underway, with Nevada, Delaware and possibly New Jersey expected to have intrastate Internet poker operating sometime this year. Other states have been waiting to see what happens at the federal level. The proposal last year from Senate Majority...

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I think it is important that the PPA take a look at leading the effort in States that are ripe for change, rather than focus so much on places like California, where monied interests are already heavily influencing the issue, and where the PPA's presence does little to sway the issue one way or another.

States like Washington, with strict prohibitions, need the strength of leadership from the organization that purports to represent the players.


Lobbyist gonna Lobby. Was a lot more like 95% focus on that hypocritical federal bill, while only resorting back to states if/when it failed like it did, as most knew/expected.


While I think the focus on state level is long overdue and do not think we should abandon a federal effort on Online Poker
A state by state effort will be a long slong and efforts to legalize online poker will happen much slower than many people realize especially given the nature of many state legislatures these days.
I also think we cannot rely on the Poker Players Alliance, or the American Gaming Associates to do our bidding for us.
Perphaps the most important thing that has to happen is that we will have to change the make up of both the US Congress and the State governments in the 2014 election in electing a congress and state legslatures that are more receptive to the game of poker in general
Poker Players are going to start using their poker skills in the politcial area, that may mean playing less poker and spending more time with politcial activism and stop relying on the PPA and the AGA to do their bidding for them.
Remember Congress and the State Legslatures are full of Fish, Chips and alot of Dead Money which is the staple of poker players diet so Send In The Sharks

Regarding California and other western states we must using the initiative and refereredem process to get poker legislation past. Sure Washignton has strict anti online poker prohibitions but voters just legialize marijuanna those prohibitions could be reversed by the voters so what are we wating for, here's an opportunity staring us straight in the eye so we should be pursuing it agrressively the same with the state of Colorado.
In the end it is up to us to practice in politics what we preach on the felt


There need not be Federal poker legislation at all, from a player's perspective. Sure, you have been told different, by the special interests who benefit the most from such legislation. But even with a Federal bill, you still have to have the fight in your home State before you will be able to play. It seems disingenuous to say on the one hand a State by State fight is an arduous task, and also say a Federal bill would mean States jumping on board in droves. It just defies common sense.

The only real driver of a Federal bill was the interpretation of the Wire Act. As that has now been reinterpreted in a favorable light, Nevada already has show that they don't believe they need a Federal bill to spread their control of the industry across State lines. As Nevada has no chance of supporting even a single site for intrastate play, let alone the number of entities they have already licensed, it is obvious they need nation wide access, and aim to get it, with or without the help of the Congress.

WAipokerNOW is pursuing an Initiative in the State of Washington that will blaze a trail for other States to follow. Twenty-three states have an Initiative process of some kind, and it is in those states especially that the people have the strongest chance of getting positive change.

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