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Lesniak: New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie is "Clueless" About Online Gambling

New Jersey State Sen. Ray Lesniak was not impressed by the concerns Gov. Chris Christie expressed to explain why he has yet to make a decision on the Internet gambling bill that has been sitting on his desk for more than a month. "If he vetoes the bill for those reasons, that has to go down for stupidest reasons to veto a bill ever given,” Lesniak, the leading sponsor of the bill, said Thursday in a phone interview with PokerNews. “More importantly, it would just put another nail in the coffin for any hope of economic recovery and job creation in Atlantic City." Christie has...

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Imagine that, a United States Senator calling a colleague "clueless", and implying that Chris Christie cannot make his own sound judgements. Well, I'm sure all of the name calling and insults will get Christie to see things Lesniak's way. Ya right. And people wonder why nothing gets done in Congress.


Everything percival says is completely retarded. Nice bitch tits.

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