I don't mind the flat in position during rebuy hour either. I think both the flop and turn play are a leak.

On the flop : I think the best play here is to raise. If he does have a hand like AQ, AK ...or even AQ AK with the Ks,Qs...You want to try to get more chips in the pot . He might even Jam on you if you raise and you will be happy to get it in and hope to hold.

But what if he has just AQ AK here with no spade? If you just smooth his bet on the flop, and a X of spades comes down...It will be a scare card for both of you and in turn you will not be getting many more chips out of him. Also what if a spade comes on the turn and he takes the aggressive line and fires into you? you now pretty much have to guess if you have the best hand and most of the time you will be folding.

On the turn : same thing....you should be raising here for the same reasons you should be raising the flop.

Having top and bottom pair on this board is not that huge of a hand to be slow playing on this wet board. It's only going to get you into trouble. Sure he did en up having QsKc...but we don't know that and we should definitely be raising the flop and I think we are happy if he folds the flop or jams...even if he smooths your raise on the flop and he is on a draw...if the turn comes a brick you can fire huge and make him pay.

- Mark