Sorry, cannot get excited about the GPI launching "Fantasy Poker", which really trivializes the asset which is the GPI. Sure monetizing an asset is game on for the greedier corporations out there ... congrats, you are in the running for the golden weasel award 2013 (if there is such an award >>>Wink ... but there is a bigger game out there for the GPI. Hunting for nickles and dimes in the poker sofa is all fine and dandy but consider the serious money to be made when online poker returns to the U.S. It makes monetizing Fantasy poker look kind of playful.

By drilling down democratically the GPI to encompass ALL poker players and giving them ALL a GPI rating you create a huge community that plays poker. Sure it will be a ton of work but are you afraid of a little hard work for some serious results instead of tapping into the "fantasy poker niche"?

Then what's the score & reasons that the GPI is ignoring online poker ratings? The biggest game in town for GPI is setting up its rating system for online play yet ... "total silence" ... it is as if the owners of GPI have never heard of online play, or worse, considers online poker players not worth rating.

GPI: Want to help the PPA get poker play online back into the U.S.? Use the GPI to obtain serious numbers on poker players right down to the guy that plays in the local casino once a week.

As for "Fantasy Poker" ... fine, everyone needs a hobby.

"The lucky player is usually the player that knows how much to leave to chance."