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Participate in a poker study

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We're looking for poker players to participate in an on-line study about poker decision-making, poker playing experience, and emotion regulation. I kindly invite everyone even slightly interested to participate:

The survey is somewhat long, and it takes about 30-40 minutes. I understand well that this is longer than what Internet surveys typically take – your participation would thus be greatly appreciated. More information is provided on the page linked to above.

One of the research questions in our poker-related studies is centered around poker experience and emotion regulation. Continually improving one's poker skills isn't easy, and one of the key reasons for why it isn't easy, is directly related to emotion regulation. Poker is a decision-making environment where players are at constant risk of losing more by ”losing it” (i.e., tilting), and thus emotion regulation plays a crucial role in poker skill development.

Please feel free to advertise the survey link above. I wish all poker players (of varying experience) the best!

The research team


We wish to thank those who have already filled the survey! Additional participants are greatly appreciated!

For your information, our previously published academic articles of the same poker-related topic can be found at


(for those who are interested in the above articles, but can't access them, please email me)

Please feel free to advertise the survey link in the original post. I wish all poker players the best!

Jussi Palomäki (jussi.palomaki[at]
University of Helsinki
Institute of Behavioural Sciences
Cognitive Science unit


This is the final “bump” I'm posting: The survey will be closed in about 24 hours! Once again, thanks to everyone who took it, and for those who haven't: there's still some time! Thanks for your help and patience! Smile

Jussi Palomäki


hello... frnds

plz tell me about this .

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