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Five Thoughts: Shak Attack

Dan Shak During the wee hours of a January morning in Melbourne, Australia, the 2013 Aussie Millions Main Event final table was set. While writing the recap for the penultimate day -- or what we thought was the penultimate day -- I asked my colleague Chad Holloway the following question: “What is Dan Shak?” I knew that Shak is a human being. He’s a male. He likes poker. He wears a patch for his buddy Phil Ivey. He’s a New York Knicks fan and owns court-side seats. All these things obvious. I wanted to know whether or not Shak was a “professional” or a “businessman.” Many of you...

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There is nothing that makes poker players sound dumber than referring to non-poker players as "businessmen". In fact, as an options trader, I'm offended to be lumped into the same group as Taco Bell Owners and dial-for-dollars real estate agents. It's pathetic you cannot separate people for their actual profession. Dan Shak clearly is a COMMODITIES TRADER, not a "businessman". Have you ever in your life asked someone what they do, and they replied businessman?? So please, all poker players, please stop embarrassing yourself, stop using the term "businessman". It would be tantamount to calling poker players "gamblers".


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