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Alex Rousso


United KingdomUnited Kingdom

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Alex Rousso is the Head Tutor at Bluff Europe Poker Academy and also writes a monthly column for Bluff Europe under the name “Pickleman”. He has been playing poker on a semi-pro basis for about eight years, concentrating more on poker in the last three since selling his pickle import business.

He started off his poker career by grinding on $0.25/$0.50 LHE tables and reading Lee Jones’ “Winning Low-Limit Hold’em” as he did so. At the end of his third week, he had read the book through twice and was in the black after dipping no more than $80 in the red. He never went back in the red again.

He patiently built up his bankroll over the years, moving first to NLHE cash, then tournaments, never risking more than about 5-7% of it on any one tournament or cash game buy in. As NLHE got more saturated he moved first to PLO8 and then PLO, eventually settling at the mid stakes PLO games, which is where you’ll find him today. He prefers to play tournaments live and cash games online.

When the Unibet Open came to London in 2009, he placed 21st in the £2500 Main Event for a payday of £5000. Fortunately, he crashed out of the tournament early enough to enjoy the legendary after party at Ruby Blue in Leicester Square. Having had a taste of the Unibet party spirit, Alex set about getting more, becoming the first Brit to represent Unibet.com as a Poker Ambassador.