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Learn.PokerNews Weekly: Find Ways to Fight Back Against Aggressive Opponents

Learn.PokerNews Weekly: Find Ways to Fight Back Against Aggressive Opponents 0001

Each week Learn.PokerNews provides poker strategy advice and other features geared primarily toward new players, though often of interest to more experienced players as well. New items appear daily, meaning there is always something new to find from Learn.PokerNews’ many contributors.

The Learn.PokerNews Weekly draws attention to a couple of the more popular articles from the previous week while also pointing back to earlier Learn articles you might have missed.

This week we share one article focusing on understanding how deep stacks should encourage greater patience in tournaments, another providing valuable advice for playing satellites, and a two-part series offering strategies for combating aggressive opponents.

Learn to Pace Yourself When Deep-Stacked

Earlier this week Josh Cahlik discussed an interesting hand occurring near the conclusion of the CPPT Choctaw Main Event at the Choctaw Resort Casino that illustrated an important lesson about understanding the relative “deepness” of chip stacks in tournament poker.

The hand occurred at the start of heads-up play, and featured a player appearing to have underestimated the amount of “play” potentially remaining in the tournament after six-bet shoving with pocket nines — in other words, opting to forgo the possibility of engaging in postflop poker despite having more than 100 big blinds with which to work.

Pick Up Strategies for Success in Satellites

Tournament player Matthew Pitt has a lot of experience with satellites, especially online. This week Matthew presented an overview of satellite tournaments showing how they not only can provide an inexpensive avenue into bigger buy-in events but also can be used as a method to pad one’s bankroll.

Matthew discusses three types of satellite tournaments — traditional satellites, winner-takes-all satellites, and steps satellites — offering a basic strategy for approaching each plus additional tips for meeting some of the specific challenges satellite tourneys can present.

Learn.PokerNews Call Back: Discover How to Handle Aggressive Opponents

A short while back Thinking Poker Podcast co-host Nate Meyvis shared an excellent two-part discussion designed to give new players ways to respond to aggressive opponents who might perhaps be targeting them because of their beginner status.

In the first article Nate discusses how to respond to aggressive play in particular — that is, to raises and other plays designed to put new players on their heels. Then in the second he offers advice for when seasoned players try either to use table talk or the strategy of trapping to ensnare those with less experience.

Both articles offer tips that can be helpful not just to new players, but to anyone who occasionally runs into difficulty knowing how to respond to aggressive opponents.

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