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Strategy with Kristy Podcast: Jon Little Discusses Importance of Thinking Ahead

Strategy with Kristy Podcast: Jon Little Discusses Importance of Thinking Ahead 0001

Poker coach and widely respected sit-and-go and multi-table tournament specialist Jonathan Little returns to the Strategy with Kristy Podcast. He discusses his training site FloattheTurn.com and more specifically, goes into detail about when it's OK to give up equity in tournaments and also the importance of thinking ahead in poker.

Here is a snippet from that portion of the interview:

"You want to be able to make good decisions on every street. Quite often, if you make a weak or even marginal decision on the current street, the next street could be really tricky for you. For that reason, you need to think ahead not just in poker, but in life. Today, I was at the bank to get some money and there was a long line. Someone gets up to the teller and it takes them another three minutes to go through their stuff to find their debit card. They could have done that while waiting in line for the past 10 minutes, but instead, that person just wasted three minutes of everyone's life. That right there is just a real world example of when people don't think ahead, and people do the same in poker.

"Say someone raises and you call with pocket threes and it comes nine-seven-two. If they bet and you call, you have to realize that a lot of bad things are going to happen on the turn. An over card is always going to come, your opponent is at least somewhat likely to bet again, and your hand is going to be in pretty bad shape against any reasonable range. The only good result is that your opponent checks the turn and decides to give up if you bet or you end up checking it down with the best hand. Just because your hand might be good on the flop when you call a bet, doesn't mean it will be good by the river or that you'll make it to showdown. You just have to think ahead."

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